Must Have, Adorable, One Piece Swimsuits!


I know that spring barely started, but I can’t help myself from dreaming about summer already! I have been loving all of the cute one piece swimsuits this year! When I was a kid, and my mom wanted me to wear modest swimsuits, there was NOTHING cute to choose from! I always wore speedos (and pretended I was on the swim team) because it was either that, or look like a mom!

Luckily, there are SO many adorable one piece options these days! I love that they have come into style. And now that I am actually a mom, I don’t necessarily have to look like one! Although, there’s really no hiding that I have had four kids…

Below are some of my favorite swimsuits from around the inter-webs. Can you tell I love florals?


Moving from Left to Right and Top to Bottom:

The Weekender ::  Floral Lace Halter ::  Zinnia Plunge ::  Ruffled Halter ::  The Bridgitte


The Floral Lace Halter is a suit that I found at Target! It is almost identical to a swimsuit at Anthropologie for a much lower cost! Isn’t that awesome?!

Which one would you choose? Can you guess which one I’ll be sporting this summer?

happier times

“Can we speak in flowers? It will be easier for me to understand…”

-Nayyirah Waheed


Spring, flowers, and warm weather are my love language. I know I’m not alone in how much weather affects my mood. On warm sunny days, I feel so chipper and happy and ready to conquer anything. On cold, wintry days, I am moody and sad and snappy!


We were spoiled with an extremely warm February. We had so many beautiful 70 degree days. I was in heaven. We ventured to the park every afternoon, and I didn’t feel so bogged down by my lack of sleep. On one of these unseasonably warm days, we went to the “dragon park” (the boys have their own names for every park. ie: mulch park, castle park, blue park, etc). I wore one of my favorite dresses, snapped away with my camera, and we enjoyed a little picnic dinner!


As I’m writing this, it is March, 30 degrees, and the wind will knock you down! I’ve been in a bad mood, refusing to take off my pajamas, with a knot in my pony tail the size of Texas, all day. I know that spring will come back eventually. But for now, I will just have to stare at these pictures and dream of happier times!

:: I got my dress at a cute little market in San Antonio, TX during our Thanksgiving road trip, but here are some similarly embroidered dress options you could try: here, here, and here! ::


life lately

This has been such a beautiful, warm, winter so far! There have been some chilly days in the mix, but it has mostly been gorgeous weather! We have spent almost every afternoon down in our neighborhood park swinging, riding bikes, and playing with friends. The boys are all enjoying school, and Lucy recently turned 6 months old! She is loving sitting up and trying all kinds of new foods!

As for me, I have spent a lot of time getting back to the gym, listening to podcasts in the car, and trying to balance housework and getting creative again. It’s hard, and a work in progress, but fun.


Here are some of the things I’ve been loving lately…

Must Listen Podcast: I am loving the Extraordinary Moms podcast! There’s an episode in there for everyone, and I guarantee you will come away feeling inspired!

Must Watch Show: If you love period piece films as much as I do, then you NEED to watch the latest from Masterpiece Theater, Victoria. As you can imagine, it’s about the life of Queen Victoria, and it is SO well done.

Must Wear Shoes: I am in desperate need of new tennis, and I’ve been eyeing these shoes. I mostly like them because they are cute, not sure how functional, though.

Must Eat Treat: I am a chocolate lover (chocolate obsessed, actually). I am really loving Bark Thins right now. The downside is that they are kinda pricey (imo), and I could eat the entire bag in one sitting if I’m not careful!

Most Used Item: I need organization in my life, or I don’t get anything done. I have been loving my Life Planner! It has so much room for notes, and meal planning, and anything else you can think of!


just before Lucy



About 6 months ago, I was a couple weeks away from giving birth to Lucy. The boys and I got to participate in a photo shoot that a friend of mine from high school and her amazing photographer friend were putting together for a magazine article. Amy, an old school friend, is a talented wedding and event stylist, who designed the look and feel of this photo shoot. She styled our clothes, my hair and makeup, and locations of the shoot! We shot most of the photos in her gorgeous home! We modeled for birth and maternity photographer, Lauren Jolly. She is also incredibly talented and creative! She shot mostly with film, and I was amazed at the quality of photos!

The article that our photos were used for is on having “Grace in Motherhood.” And Lauren’s article was featured in a photography magazine called The Fount Collective. It was so fun to see our pictures in print, and to be part of such a creative process!

My favorite part was being able to capture that moment in time with my boys. These photos were taken only a couple weeks before Lucy’s birth, and are some of the last moments of my time as a “boy-only mom.” I will always cherish these photos. It was such a special day spent bonding with Ande, Owen, and Milo, and I’m so glad I got that chance to really spend time with them!

Dear Milo,


A little over four years ago, I had 3 year old and 8 month old little boys. I started feeling sick and my gym pants seemed a little tighter than usual. It was around my birthday, in May, that I thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test. I was completely shocked when I saw those two lines show up, bright as day! Knowing my condition, and how hard we tried for Owen, you were the most unexpected, amazing surprise!

And now, looking back, I totally get why you came so quickly. You are one little boy who doesn’t like to be left behind. You started walking at 9 months old, and you potty trained yourself at 17 months old. You refused to wear a diaper and would only wear underwear! You used to always talk about being a “big boy,” and even now, you do your best to keep up with those big brothers of yours!

You are fast, and you love making sure we all know it! You are fearless! Last night, you jumped off the top bunk and scared me half to death! You don’t mind being dirty because you just don’t have time to be clean! You’re always on the move, and that’s what makes you so fun to be around! Milo, you are so funny. You love a good laugh!

And you know what my favorite thing is?

You are so loving and kind. You often hug me out of the blue, and tell me you love me. And you are so gentle and sweet with Lucy. I know you asked to marry her one day, but how about you just be the best big brother instead?


I love you and am so excited for you to be four! What a year this will be!

snow days


2016 ended on a high note with a fabulous New Year’s Eve dance party in our living room, and so far 2017 doesn’t disappoint either! We started things off just right with a beautiful snow fall.

We were prepared for 6-8 inches, but woke up to a light icing on the grass. We were feeling pretty disappointed when suddenly giant snow flakes began to fall from the sky! Down here in the south, snow is a novelty, so we were pretty excited!

I spent most of the day bundled up inside with a crochet project and warm blanket, and the rest of the day watching the boys sled! Our fun neighbor spent the majority of the day pulling the kids around behind his riding lawn mower. Lucy and I even got a ride, and it was pretty awesome!

Isn’t snow just so magical!? I love when the world is covered in white. It’s like the real world suddenly transforms into  a fairy tale when it snows. I love it, and it was such a good day, one that I know the kids will remember!

Snow days from years past… the white fluffy stuff , snow day

Snow Day Outfit Details:

classic Women’s Plus Size Chalet Down Shawl Collar Coat-Black Floral • Classic • $149.97
Shimmer sweater leggings • Gap • $27.99

START…my 2017 motto!

2016 was a great year for us! We got to travel a ton, the boys mastered swimming and bike riding, we welcomed Lucy Grace into the world, and Curtis accepted a new job offer! Being pregnant for the first half of the year, and having a newborn for the second half, I’ve really had to push any creative efforts aside while I focused on my family. That shift in focus was exactly what I needed, and I hope to continue my efforts to be more present with my kids and Curtis in 2017.

But with all that said, while watching the kids ride bikes the other day, I knew exactly what my “one little word” should be. Each boy got a new bike for Christmas and so the day after, we took them to a parking lot to get some practice in. We were going to put training wheels on Owen and Milo’s bikes, but instead they decided to just start riding their two wheelers! And they did it! They were amazing, and it was so fun to watch! It made me think about all the little projects and ideas that I have in my head. Things that I dream about doing, but never do. I don’t know if I’m scared of failing, or looking dumb, or just lazy, but I decided in 2017 I’m just going to START.

I’m just going to START taking more pictures, I’m just going to START reading that book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for months, I’m just going to START playing with my kids more, I’m just going to START making things again.

I hope 2017 will be a year of making things happen, and I’m so excited to get started.

If you could pick “one little word” to define your aspirations for the year, what would it be?

Before looking ahead to 2017, I did some looking back. I went through all of our footage from 2016 to remember all of the amazing things we did and to see how the kids grew over time. I put it all together into a video because I never want to forget!

See for yourself…

shopping for our Christmas tree!!!

Earlier in the month we went on our annual trip to pick out a Christmas tree! The boys excitedly run through the isles of trees, and then we find the one that’s just right. They tried to convince us to get both the 20 footer as well as the tiniest 2 foot tree on the lot, but in the end we settled with the perfect, regular sized tree!

We wanted to document this fun tradition to have for years and years to come, so we filmed our day! Sometimes I feel like time is flying by way too fast and I want to capture every single moment because I am terrified I’ll forget! Do you ever feel like that? I already take a million photos as the children grow, but I wanted to start getting their little body’s and voices on video as well.

A Yummy Hot Cocoa Recipe and Cute Cards With Basic Invite!

 What better way to warm up a little body, than with a cup of delicious hot chocolate?

The boys ask for some every morning when they wake up, and several times throughout the day. It must be hereditary because my mom has had a cup of hot cocoa for breakfast every morning that I can remember! 
The other day, I decided that a yummy, warm drink would be the perfect companion to a little Christmas card addressing! 

This year we partnered with Basic Invite to design our Christmas cards. It was such a fun experience! Their website is full of beautiful images and they have gobs of gorgeous stationary to choose from! Whether you’re planning a wedding, a baby shower, or just want to up your stationary game, they have what you need!

Basic Invite has so many holiday card options to choose from, but my favorite part was that the cards are also customizable! Once I chose my layout, I got to play around with fonts and colors to get just the right look! I love how rustic our cards turned out to be! The website also has a feature that collects addresses from friends and family, making it even easier to get your cards out on time!

So, while I stuffed and addressed the morning away, the kids got to join in the holiday fun by helping me whip up a batch of hot chocolate!
In our Haynie family cook book we have a really yummy recipe for Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate! We had not tried it before, so I whipped some up, and let the kids help in the mixing fun! Making your own mix is SO easy to do, and makes a great gift for neighbors and friends too! All you have to do is fill up some mason jars and add a cute note!
Here is our Haynie recipe for Mint Truffle Hot Chocolate, so you can sip while you address your Christmas cards, or wrap presents too!

We had such a great morning tackling two Christmas traditions at once! We made a delicious, warm, holiday treat while getting our Christmas cards ready to mail! I think we are going to make this a holiday habit from now on!

What are some of your favorite holiday traditions!? Did you send out Christmas cards this year?

Don’t forget to stop by to look at their variety of Christmas card options! 
They are offering 30% off right now with code HOLI30!

Roadtrip to Texas!

1,468 miles, 41 hours of driving, 7 days, and 4 hotels.
Every minute spent was absolutely worth it.
This Thanksgiving, we traveled down to Texas for a family reunion. It was the longest road trip we have ever taken, and it definitely wasn’t easy with a 4 month old. But, whether it was driving extremely long distances, or taking time off work or school, we all made sacrifices to be there. That sacrifice made our time together that much more special. 
We first drove to Dallas to stay with Curtis’ parents before heading down to Hunt. Once we got to this tiny, secluded little town in the hill country of Texas, we stayed a few days enjoying a river side resort. We canoed, swam, hiked, and explored. The kids all roamed free around the hotel grounds and they reveled in the freedom! We explored this fun hiking area where all 6 families, and 23 grand kids, made a long, arduous, 5 mile hike up and down a mountain. It was so difficult, but I think very rewarding.
After our time by the Guadalupe river, we traveled to San Antonia to see the Alamo and some of the sites downtown. We ate at a hole in the wall taco joint (which was delicious), and explored a city market full of Mexican goods! 
It was truly a magical trip. The boys only get to see their cousins about once a year, but when together, they play as if no time has passed. My favorite part about this trip was watching the friendships and love grow between all of the children. I can’t help but feel blessed that we have such a large family, with so many wonderful examples of genuine, kind, righteous people for my children to look up to. I just can’t even imagine a better childhood for my boys (and Lucy too).