Lucy’s Blessing Day

The first Sunday of September was Lucy’s blessing day at church. Curtis gave the most wonderful, heartfelt blessing for her. What a great way to start out her life! We were lucky to have many family members there. We missed our Haynie clan, but enjoyed being surrounded by my family. In the evening, we celebrated with dinner at my parent’s house where all the little boys wrestled on the trampoline and the adults got eaten alive by mosquitoes! My side of the family started out so small, and I really love seeing it grow and grow! We are so lucky to have added Lucy to the mix. It’s no secret that we all love her SO much!
My Dress: Piper and Scoot
Lucy’s Flower Crown: My Monday’s Child
(I can’t trust that trickster for anything! But glad to have a life full of laughter with him!….
 and that couldn’t be more cheesy…)

Lucy Grace Haynie

7 lbs. 9 oz.
20 in long
3:35 pm














































Two months later, and I am finally getting around to writing up Lucy’s birth story!
A few weeks before Lucy’s due date, I asked my doctor if I could be induced. I had an induction with Milo and everything went so well. My doctor tried to convince me to wait it out naturally, but I had my mind set. I just really felt like inducing Lucy was what we needed to do.
The morning of her birth, I was feeling extremely nervous. It was somewhat due to my doctor advising me against inducing early, but also because of something Milo said to me a few weeks earlier. He said, “Mama, when will the other baby come, when this one dies?” What a crazy, freaky thing to say…?
When we arrived at the hospital, my dad came by so that he and Curtis could give me a blessing. I felt a sense of calm immediately afterwards, and the rest of the day was just perfect.
I came in at only 1 cm, but after breaking my water, I jumped to 4 cm. I got my epidural not long after that. The anesthesiologist assured me that he was the best of the best, and he proved himself right! I hardly felt a thing. I felt extremely lucky to have him, along with a really friendly, chatty nurse that we just loved. She told me a story of being told she was having a girl, only to find out it was really a boy! I was pretty convinced that Lucy would end up being a boy too, and that we’d have to come up with a new name pretty quick!
The epidural worked wonders on one side, but on the other side, I felt every excruciating contraction. It was difficult to power through, and I thought for sure it was time to push! The nurse came to check me and I was only at a 5! Seriously!? For some reason, my body was contracting but she wasn’t moving down. The nurse brought in this huge thing that looked like an exercise ball that was peanut shaped. I put it between my legs, and after giving my kids a quick call, I could feel my body pushing. It’s truly insane how my body new what to do, and was doing it without me even telling it to! It still amazes me. Literally minutes after using the “peanut” and only being 5 cm, we called the nurse back in. I was fully dilated and ready to go.
Lucy’s head was a bit crooked and sorta stuck on my hip bone, which is why she wasn’t moving down. But one little twist of her head, and a couple pushes later, she was here! She came so fast, the doctor had to act quick to catch her! Her umbilical cord was tied in a “perfect knot” and the doctor said she was so lucky to be alive and as healthy as she was! At that moment, I knew why I so badly wanted an induction!
I still had myself convinced she was a boy, until they laid her on my chest and I got a good look! She was a she! We were so happy to finally have our little girl with us, but more than her being our first girl, we were just so happy to have another sweet little baby in our family. We prayed long and hard for her, and for her to finally be here fills us with such joy and gratitude!
As soon as she laid on my chest, we saw what a quiet, calm soul she is. She hardly made a peep! And now, two months later, she continues to be the sweetest blessing to our family. She can make even the wildest of brothers to stop and coo, and gently stroke her cheeks. She smiles at us all and we love her dearly.

our summer beach vacation!

Earlier this summer, we took our annual trip to the NC coast! If you’ve been keeping up with this blog for a while, then you know how much I love this trip every year (last year’s beach trip)! We went to a beach house in Atlantic Beach that we’ve stayed at several times and it’s starting to feel like home. This year, the week flew by so fast I could hardly believe it. 
We started out the week with an awe inspiring thunderstorm. We walked out onto the sand as soon as we arrived and started splashing in the waves and checking out shells right away. We were having a blast when we turned around and saw the darkest, most ominous clouds we’ve ever seen! Before we could get inside, a torrential downpour caught us! You can catch a quick glance of the storm in the video posted above!
The rest of the week was so relaxing, which was very welcome for my 36 week pregnant self! Several mornings in a row we saw schools of dolphins right outside our ocean front windows! It was so fun to watch them jump as we ate breakfast! We then spent every day out on the beach splashing, digging, looking for sea glass, and going for walks. The boys have really taken to swimming this summer, and I was so impressed with their ocean swimming skills! Ande declared snorkeling his favorite sport and they boogie boarded non-stop!
The only downside to our trip was the constant wind! It did a number on my hair, and blew little “sand daggers” at our legs. For the most part, we could ignore it, but little Owen just couldn’t stand the feeling on his legs! He was miserable and we were desperate for a solution, so we pulled Curtis’ church socks up to his knees and the problem was fixed! It was a silly sight, for sure! 
On the most windy day, Ande and I decided to take a walk on the beach. We wanted to make it to the pier so he could walk out on it and see what it was like. On the way there, we made it pretty far, pretty fast, with the wind pushing us at our backs. After a while, we realized that it was going to be a little harder to walk back so we turned around just short of the pier. The walk back, with the wind pushing against us, was the hardest thing! We had walked MUCH farther than we thought we had! I kept imagining myself going into labor, and tried to figure out in my head what we would do if I did! Luckily, Lucy was nice and cozy in my belly, and we finally made it back to the house! Whew!
The trip already seems like a lifetime ago, and I’m already looking forward to next year! But for now, it has been so fun to look through our photos and create a video full of memories from our time there! 






















Make sure to click over to our beach trip video and subscribe to our Youtube Channel while you’re there! We have been posting videos from our family adventures for us and all of you to enjoy!

bump update :: 38 weeks

The end is finally in sight! I’m actually feeling pretty good, too good if you ask me. If I were feeling a little more uncomfortable, then at least it would feel like things were moving along! I seem to have a good amount of energy during the day, then about 6 pm I just crash. All of us are getting so anxious and excited to meet the little gal and besides school starting this week for Ande and Owen, she’s all we think about!

Well… a few little boys are probably also thinking a lot about Legos and transformers too because that’s a given…


How far along? Officially 2 weeks left, which really isn’t much time, but somehow still feels like forever!

Craving? I’m still not much of a food “craver” although lately I’ve reverted back to my child-self and really been digging plain Cheerios.

Sleeping? Sleep? What is that? I keep falling asleep early and then I wake up around midnight and can’t fall back asleep!

Wearing? We have been practically living at the pool and I’ve been rocking this bathing suit a ton. (I can’t find the original anymore, but here is a similar version).

Feeling? Super anxious. You’d think by the 4th time this would all just be a cake walk. But in typical Lindsay fashion, I lay awake worrying about everything. How is this thing gonna go down? Is it going to feel like I’m dying like Ande’s birth? When is it going to happen? What if I miss Owen’s first day of Kindergarten? Will whoever is watching my boy’s remember to make their school lunches? Will she love Curtis more than me?

Buying for baby? We got this bassinet for a steal which Ande promptly began setting up ALL of the baby toys in. Cute, but calm down!

Nesting? If spending a 95 degree Saturday making everyone weed our front yard natural area and the entire next Saturday collecting 3 giant trash bags of stuff to donate and even more bags of trash, then yes. Yes, I am nesting. The funny thing is that I think Curtis has got the nesting bug even worse then me! He bought a new vacuum recently and now makes vacuuming, not only the carpet, but the walls, blinds, picture frames, etc, a nightly ritual.


Memorial Day and our trip to the National Zoo!

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip up to DC to visit my sister and brother-in-law! While we were there we decided to stop by the National Zoo and see the baby panda! It was hotter than hot that day! The first hour that we were there, everyone was sweating, grumpy, crying, and the animals were hiding in the shade. And then there was the fact that Ande was extremely disappointed in the actual size of the “giant panda.” Because giants are supposed to be giant sized in the mind of a 7 year old! I was so close to calling it quits, but we stuck it out anyway! Lunch and a cool treat definitely brightened our spirits! After the zoo, we made the long metro ride back to our hotel and cooled off in the hotel pool!
We have loved taking these quick weekend trips with the family lately! The boy’s love riding the metro, experiencing a big city, and squishing together on hotel beds! 
Above is a fun little video we put together of our day at the zoo! 

bump update :: 32 weeks

How is it possible that time is simultaneously flying by and dragging on? The months of April and May are such a blur. We were busy with kid sports most weekends, we went on a couple trips, had a few birthdays (including my 31st! Ahh!), and yet I can hardly remember anything else I did. What I do remember is being sick with a mutant head cold that I thought would never go away! 
Lucky for me, I finally feel better and school is officially out for summer! The boys and I plan to spend the remaining weeks of this pregnancy getting all of their energy out at the pool while I lounge in the cool water! We also have a fun beach trip planned and then a few weeks later, we’ll be welcoming this little gal into our home! Summer is the greatest!

Now on to a little “bumpdate:”
How far along? When the pictures were taken and as I’m writing this I’m 32 weeks. As you read this, I’ll be at 33! 
Craving? I have never really had any abnormal pregnancy cravings. I still like all the things I always like. I do, however, seem to detest eggs lately. Even the thought makes me nauseous.
Sleeping? I’ve had a pretty rough time sleeping the past few weeks, but I’ve got a little bed time routine now that definitely helps relax me! I’ll have to share more later!
Wearing? I’m at the stage where nothing fits, even my maternity clothes are getting tight. Lucky for me, it’s summer and I’ve been wearing a lot of flowy dresses and bathing suits! 
The dress pictured is a new favorite that is not maternity, but fits my bump perfectly! You can get it here, at one of my favorite online shops! I live in my Salt Water Sandals, and I recently got this bathing suit and love it!
Feeling? Baby’s head is officially down, but she hasn’t quite moved down yet so I get a lot of great kicks to the ribs lately! But all the kicking leads to some great moments with the boys and Curtis. They’ve gotten to feel her and see her move and that is really precious!
Buying for baby? My favorite recent baby girl purchase has to be these swaddle blankets
Crazy dreams? YES! I keep dreaming about leaving Milo at home alone. It is the absolute worst nightmare ever. I dreamt we were driving home late at night and forgot that we left Milo home alone. As we pulled up to our neighborhood we found him walking down the street. It was horrifying. I must be feeling anxious about him not being the “baby” anymore, but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about it. Thank goodness they’re just dreams! Ugh!

Crochet Love {Summer Cactus Crochet Blanket}

With our first baby girl on the way, I’ve been snatching up a ton of girl clothes! One of my favorite places to get outfits for the kids is Old Navy. They are SO spot on with their styles lately! 
A few months ago, I picked up some rompers that had a really cute cactus and succulent print on them (they seem to be out of that particular print, but here is a similar one!). The print then led me to come up with this fun blanket design! 
This crochet blanket is really SO easy to make because you really only need to know how to double crochet and read a simple chart to complete it! 
The blanket works up pretty quickly and isn’t the cactus design so perfect for summer!?
If you’d like to make one for yourself, follow along with the chart provided and the instructions below! 
**A printer friendly PDF version of the chart and pattern are also available in my shop, Love City Patterns!**
4 balls white bulky yarn                     
1 ball lavender bulky yarn                 
1 ball seafoam green bulky yarn        
Size L crochet hook                           
Small amount coral and green 3-DK weight yarn
Size G crochet hook
Large eye needle

Abbreviations to know:
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
st/sts- stitch/stitches
fdc- foundation double crochet

1 inch = 2 ½ double crochet
1 row = ¾ inch tall

Blanket Instructions:
1. With white yarn: Fdc 64. Turn.
2. Ch 2. Dc in each st across. Turn.
3-12. Repeat row 2.
13. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to Lavender yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn
14. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn
15. Ch 2. Dc in next 21 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 20 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 22 sts. Turn.
16-19. Ch 2. Dc in next 19 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 20 sts. Turn.
20-21. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn.
22. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
23-25. Ch 2. Dc in next 22 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 18 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 23 sts. Turn.
26. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn.
27. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn.
28. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
29-30. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn.
31. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
32-33. Ch 2. Dc in next 29 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 4 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 30 sts. Turn.
34-45. Ch 2. Dc in each st across. Fasten off.

For Border:
With lavender yarn work evenly around edge of blanket. Work 2 normal single crochets. On the third stitch, work a double crochet down into the middle of the stitch to make a “point,” rather than working it into the top of the stitch like normal. Continue this around entire blanket, adding single crochets at the corners if needed to keep it from curling. Slip stitch into the top of the first single crochet and fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Cactus Flower Pattern:
1. With coral dk weight yarn and size G crochet hook: Ch 40. Work 2 dc into 3rdch from hook. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. Work 3 more dc in same ch. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
2. In next ch, 3 dc. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. 3 dc. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
3. Repeat step 2 until 2 ch remain. Sc in last ch.
4. Fasten off, but leave a long tail. Attach large eye needle to tail. Roll flower into a coil and use needle to sew in place from the back.
5. With green yarn: Ch 10. Work 2 dc into 3rd ch from hook. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. Work 3 more dc in same ch. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
6. In next ch, 3 dc. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. 3 dc. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Fasten off, leave a long tail. Attach large eye needle to the tail and sew onto back side of coral flower. Fasten off.
7. Make another flower in the same fashion.
8. Attach flowers to blanket with large eye needle.

If you are more of a visual person, use the chart below!
The dark purple lines represent the outside edges of your blanket. Every block represents 1 double crochet! When the block changes color, you change your yarn color! Easy as pie!

Again, a printer friendly version is available HERE

And don’t forget to share your work! 

Simply tag @LindsayHaynie and #LoveCityCrochet on Instagram!

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Got questions? Email me over at!

Sunday Style {reflections on Mother’s Day}





a boy-and-his-view-finder





In all honesty, I don’t feel like I’ve done much mothering lately that’s worth celebrating. Pregnancy and allergy season has inflicted a monster cold that I haven’t been able to shake for a couple months now. I’ve had a hard time getting through the day without a lot of rest and in the meantime I’ve let a lot of things slide. Laundry and dishes get backed up, vacuuming doesn’t happen, and the kids have heard me complain about being sick one too many times. It has been frustrating and I feel so inadequate, but lucky for me the boys still love me anyway! They spoiled me yesterday with breakfast in bed and gifts from the heart. They love so unconditionally, and I am so blessed to be constantly learning from them.
Besides the support from my boys, sometimes just getting dressed and getting outside can be so beneficial! Yesterday, I got dolled up in an adorable maxi dress from Motherhood Maternity, curled my hair (seriously this one thing alone makes me feel like a million bucks), and after church we went for a stroll around a favorite lake. It turned out to be kinda hot, and there may have been some whining, but I was grateful that everyone indulged me for one afternoon!   
Being a mom is hard. So much responsibility rests on my shoulders and sometimes that overwhelms me. But it’s also brought more joy and love into my life than I could even put into words. It humbles me and teaches me how to appreciate small and simple things. So even though this year on Mother’s Day, I didn’t feel like I had been doing such a great job, I do know that I have little people who love me no matter what and a husband who supports me, and that’s all that really matters.

A day at the airport

The little boys and I had some fun at the airport observation deck the other day after dropping my Mom off for a trip! We try to stop by that spot whenever we are over there because it’s so fun and the boys love watching the planes take off and land so close by! 
I’ve always loved capturing photos and writing down memories of our kids as they grow and lately, I’ve been trying to add in a few videos to the mix. I keep getting reminded of how fast they grow and how fast they change and I am desperate to remember all of their little quirks and the way their voices sound! So, cue all the fun video montages of our little life adventures

life lately




Reading… The Baby Name Wizard. Yes, still. I’ve read it top to bottom but I still flip through it a couple times a week hoping for something to pop out at me as “the one.”

Watching… Besides a lot of tball and soccer practices…The Barkley Marathons. I loved this documentary. It made me want to go out and accomplish something. It’s about this kind of secretive marathon held deep in the Tennessee mountains. It’s long and almost impossible to finish, but watching the runners go for it makes me want to go for it with projects in my own life that I keep thinking are “too hard.” (Can also be found on Netflix).

Buying… this adorable romper for the baby.

Making… a dress for myself. I spent an entire afternoon making it and I felt so accomplished at the end of the day, which is a feeling I’ve been lacking lately! Also, it fits and I can’t wait to wear it!

Eating… Chicken Noodle Soup. I love this simple video recipe. It’s simple and the kids gobbled it up and even asked for it again the next week!

Wanting… any flowing, comfortable dress like this one. I also can’t get enough of flutter sleeves and florals lately!

Acquiring… these stools for our bar height counter. They have been great! With a messy child like Milo, I’m always loving furniture that’s easy to clean off!

Anticipating… my 31st birthday at the end of this month! Holy moly! I’m kind of terrified to be that old, but I love the month of May, spring, and warm weather, so I’m excited nonetheless!

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