happier times

“Can we speak in flowers? It will be easier for me to understand…”

-Nayyirah Waheed


Spring, flowers, and warm weather are my love language. I know I’m not alone in how much weather affects my mood. On warm sunny days, I feel so chipper and happy and ready to conquer anything. On cold, wintry days, I am moody and sad and snappy!


We were spoiled with an extremely warm February. We had so many beautiful 70 degree days. I was in heaven. We ventured to the park every afternoon, and I didn’t feel so bogged down by my lack of sleep. On one of these unseasonably warm days, we went to the “dragon park” (the boys have their own names for every park. ie: mulch park, castle park, blue park, etc). I wore one of my favorite dresses, snapped away with my camera, and we enjoyed a little picnic dinner!


As I’m writing this, it is March, 30 degrees, and the wind will knock you down! I’ve been in a bad mood, refusing to take off my pajamas, with a knot in my pony tail the size of Texas, all day. I know that spring will come back eventually. But for now, I will just have to stare at these pictures and dream of happier times!

:: I got my dress at a cute little market in San Antonio, TX during our Thanksgiving road trip, but here are some similarly embroidered dress options you could try: here, here, and here! ::



bump update :: 32 weeks

How is it possible that time is simultaneously flying by and dragging on? The months of April and May are such a blur. We were busy with kid sports most weekends, we went on a couple trips, had a few birthdays (including my 31st! Ahh!), and yet I can hardly remember anything else I did. What I do remember is being sick with a mutant head cold that I thought would never go away! 
Lucky for me, I finally feel better and school is officially out for summer! The boys and I plan to spend the remaining weeks of this pregnancy getting all of their energy out at the pool while I lounge in the cool water! We also have a fun beach trip planned and then a few weeks later, we’ll be welcoming this little gal into our home! Summer is the greatest!

Now on to a little “bumpdate:”
How far along? When the pictures were taken and as I’m writing this I’m 32 weeks. As you read this, I’ll be at 33! 
Craving? I have never really had any abnormal pregnancy cravings. I still like all the things I always like. I do, however, seem to detest eggs lately. Even the thought makes me nauseous.
Sleeping? I’ve had a pretty rough time sleeping the past few weeks, but I’ve got a little bed time routine now that definitely helps relax me! I’ll have to share more later!
Wearing? I’m at the stage where nothing fits, even my maternity clothes are getting tight. Lucky for me, it’s summer and I’ve been wearing a lot of flowy dresses and bathing suits! 
The dress pictured is a new favorite that is not maternity, but fits my bump perfectly! You can get it here, at one of my favorite online shops! I live in my Salt Water Sandals, and I recently got this bathing suit and love it!
Feeling? Baby’s head is officially down, but she hasn’t quite moved down yet so I get a lot of great kicks to the ribs lately! But all the kicking leads to some great moments with the boys and Curtis. They’ve gotten to feel her and see her move and that is really precious!
Buying for baby? My favorite recent baby girl purchase has to be these swaddle blankets
Crazy dreams? YES! I keep dreaming about leaving Milo at home alone. It is the absolute worst nightmare ever. I dreamt we were driving home late at night and forgot that we left Milo home alone. As we pulled up to our neighborhood we found him walking down the street. It was horrifying. I must be feeling anxious about him not being the “baby” anymore, but he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about it. Thank goodness they’re just dreams! Ugh!

Sunday Style {reflections on Mother’s Day}





a boy-and-his-view-finder





In all honesty, I don’t feel like I’ve done much mothering lately that’s worth celebrating. Pregnancy and allergy season has inflicted a monster cold that I haven’t been able to shake for a couple months now. I’ve had a hard time getting through the day without a lot of rest and in the meantime I’ve let a lot of things slide. Laundry and dishes get backed up, vacuuming doesn’t happen, and the kids have heard me complain about being sick one too many times. It has been frustrating and I feel so inadequate, but lucky for me the boys still love me anyway! They spoiled me yesterday with breakfast in bed and gifts from the heart. They love so unconditionally, and I am so blessed to be constantly learning from them.
Besides the support from my boys, sometimes just getting dressed and getting outside can be so beneficial! Yesterday, I got dolled up in an adorable maxi dress from Motherhood Maternity, curled my hair (seriously this one thing alone makes me feel like a million bucks), and after church we went for a stroll around a favorite lake. It turned out to be kinda hot, and there may have been some whining, but I was grateful that everyone indulged me for one afternoon!   
Being a mom is hard. So much responsibility rests on my shoulders and sometimes that overwhelms me. But it’s also brought more joy and love into my life than I could even put into words. It humbles me and teaches me how to appreciate small and simple things. So even though this year on Mother’s Day, I didn’t feel like I had been doing such a great job, I do know that I have little people who love me no matter what and a husband who supports me, and that’s all that really matters.

our Easter and my favorite twirly dress!







We had a really great Easter weekend! Pretty much every holiday is more exciting now that I’m at parent. I love doing special things for them. This year, Ande had seen a video where a kid planted jelly beans and by Easter they had “grown” into plastic Easter eggs. He was dying to try it out and see if it would really work. On the Friday before Easter, we went to my parents house and let the boys plant dozens of jelly beans in the grass. When we came over for Easter dinner on Sunday they were SO excited to find that all of their jelly beans were suddenly colorful eggs scattered throughout the yard!

On Sunday we got all dressed up in our Sunday best. I finally got to wear a dress that I fell in love with and bought a few weeks ago. It probably wouldn’t have fit if Easter was even one day later, but I sucked in and literally twirled in it all day long!

Another thing that made the weekend great was that I was filled with gratitude for my family and for this sweet baby kicking in my belly. Last year we battled hard with infertility. But as I took some time to think about the real reason for Easter, I felt so grateful that my Savior was right there with us through it all. Because of His sacrifice, he knew exactly how it felt and was there to comfort us at every turn.

I confess I still have a childish love for holiday traditions and gifts, but I’m glad I was able to look past the fun stuff a little bit this time and to reflect on the real gifts in my life!

Boy’s shirts: Old Navy here and here
Boy’s bowties: imperfectly made last minute by me
My twirly dress: Chicwish

my blush pink skirt and my "outfit post" insecurities

Outfit details: 
Shirt from Old Navy
This skirt from H&M (and it looks to be on sale!)
I love clothes and I love shopping but for some reason, I’m always reluctant to post outfits here on Le Blog. I think part of it is due to the fact that I still feel silly posting pictures of myself in unnatural poses (not sure I’ll ever get over that one). It could also be that I have really specific taste and I don’t know if you guys will get tired of my insistence on only wearing dresses or skirts. I hate jeans. HATE them. And I’ll never be that girl in the cute skinny jeans and tall brown boots. I also have never found a pair of knee high boots that didn’t feel like clown shoes on me.
But in the off chance that you love dresses and skirts, and belong in a different era like me, I am going to share this feminine and comfortable outfit with you! I don’t think fall has to be all about the dark, rustic colors. This blush pink skirt and fun floral shirt are a great outfit for these cool mornings and warm afternoons that we are having right now! I also love the giant, deep pockets on this skirt to hold all of the Legos, snacks, and rocks that we collected while exploring a garden the day of this shoot!
And just so I can maybe add yet another skirt to my collection, what is your favorite go-to comfortable skirt!?

sunday style {my vintage dress refashion}

I got this dress at a clothing swap that we did with a group of women from church. I’m pretty sure it is originally from some time in the 90’s, and it was pretty big on me, but I saw so much potential in it! I loved the bright red color, which thankfully wasn’t faded, and who doesn’t love polka dots? The dress has these perfect little fabric covered buttons along the front and I particularly love the three buttons along the band at the waist. The chest is darted and the sleeves puffed just a little bit. Once I got the dress home I cut the sleeves so they would be a little shorter, but kept the “puff.” I took in the bodice on each side, all the way down to the waist, then tapered back into the original seam so that the skirt remained the same. Lastly, I took the hem up a few inches so that it hits just below my knees.

I love how this dress refashion turned out. It used to be a frumpy, shapeless, out of style dress and it became this amazing, vintage looking, 40’s style dress! I wore it this past week when my family and I stayed at a beach side cottage for the week. My mom and I had so much fun traipsing around the yard snapping photos of each other in our Sunday outfits! The big trees in the backyard reminded me of a southern plantation home from long ago, so it turned out to be the perfect backdrop for my little polka dotted vintage dress!

Taking old, forgotten things and making them fresh and new again is so fun! What are your consignment store clothing cast off redo’s? Share them with me via Instagram with #lovecityblog!

Dress: old, refashion by me

sunday style {mothers day edition}

dress: DownEast
shoes: LimeLight from Rack Room Shoes (can’t find originals)
floral pants: Loft

May has always been my favorite month. For starters, my birthday is this month. Add to that the blossoming trees, gorgeous warm (but not too hot) weather, and mother’s day. You just can’t beat this awesome month!

My mother’s day was so wonderful this year (possibly because I made a point to remind Curtis about it a couple weeks before). I got to sleep in and then enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed. The boys brought me little love notes and a new book to read as well. I felt pretty special and pampered all day!

I also wore my pretty new dress from DownEast to church! I love how comfortable this dress is while still holding the slim-cut pencil skirt shape. This dress fit me like a glove. It seemed like it was custom fit just for me!

And then the highlight of the day was reading the boys comments about me in the “all about mom” questionnaire that they filled out in sunday school. They are hilarious and I love them.

Curtis and I always debate about celebrating “made up” holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. He doesn’t want to conform and I say, who cares! Let’s conform, because it sure is nice to be pampered every year!!!

the only pants I actually enjoy wearing

pants: Loft Outlet (similar here), shirt: loft (similar here), shoes: old navy (similar here)
My mom and I share a shopping addiction. A couple weeks ago, I planned a trip up to the mountains to visit my grannny, my mom tagged along too. We knew that there is an outlet mall on the way, so we decided it would be the perfect place to stop and let the kids stretch their legs! The kids ran around the racks a bit while we browsed and when it was time to go, we were all ready to hop back in the car and rest a bit!
It was there, in the Loft outlet store that I found these amazing pants. They are silky, floral track pants that feel like air when I wear them. For a girl that hates pants, that’s a huge plus! The day we were at the store was the first day they were putting the pants in stock, so I felt like it was fate. I had to have them! 
I paired them with my new comfy sandals from Old Navy and an old black and white loft blouse. I thought the minimalist colors, and angular pattern would tone down the loud pant choice.
I think comfy, silky track pants are a perfect style choice for spring. They aren’t too hot, and they are almost as comfortable as the skirts and dresses that I most often wear!

Sunday Style {stripes for spring}

Sundays are usually the only day of the week that I put any real thought or planning into my outfits. I also have a love affair with dresses (I rarely wear jeans), and love wearing them and styling them each week. I thought I would start documenting some of my favorite Sunday dresses so I can have a log of the outfits I put together, and hopefully give any of you some dressing inspiration as well!

Dress: Old Navy
(old but similar here, here, and here)
Nude Pumps: old, Target
Old Belt
I originally bought this dress in the fall and had dedicated it to cold weather days. I had been pairing it with black tights and black boots as a casual, kinda punky, everyday outfit. 
When this past Sunday was so warm, I thought I’d see how it worked as a fun spring dress. I love a good black and white stripe/floral pairing so I added flowers to my braided crown and a touch of pink in the belt. It turned out to be sweet and subtle and a great way to start the warmer months!
And because I always have 3 little helpers wherever I go, here are the boys in their Sunday Style…

style love {4 must-have modest spring dresses}

After Milo was born, I decided to swear off jean wearing. They are so uncomfortable! Seriously! But I do love dresses. I absolutely adore them. Like I said in my post about the penelope peplum dress that I made (pattern by See Kate Sew), I was totally born in the wrong era. I love the fit and flare style of dress. They are much cooler than jeans or capris, and every time I wear one I feel put together and cute!
I rounded up some fantastic spring dresses for you in case you are a dress lover like myself. I tried to find companies with great product that you might not have heard of before because there’s nothing worse than showing up to church only to find out there are two other people wearing the same dress from Old Navy, Target, or Gap that you are (yes, this has happened to me). Let’s branch out people.

This linen boat neck dress is amazing. It reminds me of Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday. I love the fitted bodice, flared and full skirt, and longer sleeves. Also, the buttons down the back…love!

This site is amazing. I fell in love with so many dresses! This one is made from cotton scarves! Isn’t that awesome?

This dress really caught my eye. I love the print and yellow has been my favorite color for years and years!

All of the dresses on this site are great because they are made specifically for moms who want to look stylish while still being able to move around and play with their kids! I love the midi length and adorable stripes on top!
Do you love spring dresses too? What are your favorites this year?