Dear Lucy…


Watching you turn one was not the easiest for me, and to be honest, the past year wasn’t very easy for me either (which I’ll explain in a post coming soon…). But as I looked over all of our photos from the day you were born until now, all I remember are the good moments! I see you as the little blonde sunshine in our home!

When you wake up in the morning (and after every nap), everyone races to be first into your room to coo and kiss you. And you welcome the love with big smiles and lots of babbling talk. Oh how I wish I knew what you were saying! You sure do have a lot to tell us! There are a couple words that we do understand like Mama, Dada, Dog, Bubble, Diaper, Bird, and Vacuum!

Your pointer finger is constantly extended so you can show me everything you see! You started walking about a month ago and you love to make your way around the house, curious about what’s behind all the cabinet doors and finding the best lego wheel to chew on! You love swimming, and I get such a good workout chasing you around the shallow end of our pool! As soon as your feet step into the water, you take off running with delight! It was so fun to see you enjoy splashing in the ocean too!

You are quite the picky eater and I struggle to keep you well fed! But you love anything that comes out of a pouch and I often just blend up our dinner, thinking how gross it is, and you gobble it right up. I’ll keep trying and hopefully one day you’ll stop watching your food fall to the floor as you lean over the side of your high chair! One thing that you DO love is dogs and any fluffy stuffed animal! Every night you sleep with your doggy and your blanky.

On your birthday, we played at the book store and you picked out a book with cute little flowers and bunnies and flaps that you love to open and close. You gobbled down ice cream after lunch and couldn’t stand the wait between bites! After dinner we turned on your new bubble blower and I’ve never seen you so excited! We gave you a cupcake and as we sang, I could tell you felt how truly special you are to us. As you tested out the cupcake, you kept looking up at us for approval. “Are you sure you want me to eat this sticky thing?” You liked the taste but weren’t so excited about the messy feeling!


Lucy Grace, with your cute little teeth and your crazy hair, we love you! Thank you for bringing so much happiness and laughter into our home! Happy First Birthday Goosey Girl!



Lucy’s Bow

Lucy’s Birth


A Hilarious Read-Aloud Book & Our Summer Reading Challenge!


So often, when the boys are out of school, we get so busy that any sort of learning goes out the window! I love planning fun activities for the kids, but I also want to make sure they don’t fall behind in their school work! This summer, I decided that we were going to slowwww down, enjoy just being together rather than making a bunch of plans, and spend a lot of time reading!


To make this happen, I set up a chore/reward chart for the kids (which I’ll write all about soon!). As part of their morning chores, they have reading time while Lucy takes her morning nap. They spend that time reading on their own. The boys like reading, and are great readers, but they will usually choose to play instead. I’ve found that setting that time aside specifically for reading has not only made them read more, but it has allowed them to really enjoy and get invested in some new book series!

Lucky for us, a brand new library opened up right around the corner from our home! So, we decided that we would make a trip to the library once a week during our summer break!


Our county library’s have also implemented a fun summer reading program. Every week, in addition to picking out new books, we’ve gone to some really fun activities! So far we have built a roller coaster, saw and learned about real life owls and other “raptors,” and attended a fun magic show! It has been the perfect way to keep the boys learning, but also having some low-key summer fun!


Here are some of the kid’s favorite reads so far this summer:

Ande: Galaxy Zack (although he’s plowing through them, and may need a more difficult series next time), Super Fly, and How The World Works

Owen: Any Easy Reader book he can get his hands on!

Milo: Froggy books, and of course Curious George!

Lucy: Any Duck & Goose books, Baby Lit books, and B is for Bear


Placing a lot of focus on reading this summer has already been so wonderful. I can almost see their little minds expanding! Along with reading on their own, we have always loved when the kids pile on my lap and I real aloud to them.

Our absolute favorite read aloud book is called Runny Babbit! It is a collection of hilarious poems by Shel Silverstein where all of the words are switched and flopped around. We can’t get through one line of a poem without bursting into laughter! We’ve read it cover to cover several times and laugh just as much every time!


Some of my favorite childhood memories are the nights when my mom would sit next to me on my bed and read to me. I’m so glad that I decided to make reading a priority with my kids this summer! We are enjoying the slow, quiet mornings!


What are your kid’s favorite books!? I’m always looking for suggestions! Do you have any summer chores or goals to keep the boredom at bay?

snow days


2016 ended on a high note with a fabulous New Year’s Eve dance party in our living room, and so far 2017 doesn’t disappoint either! We started things off just right with a beautiful snow fall.

We were prepared for 6-8 inches, but woke up to a light icing on the grass. We were feeling pretty disappointed when suddenly giant snow flakes began to fall from the sky! Down here in the south, snow is a novelty, so we were pretty excited!

I spent most of the day bundled up inside with a crochet project and warm blanket, and the rest of the day watching the boys sled! Our fun neighbor spent the majority of the day pulling the kids around behind his riding lawn mower. Lucy and I even got a ride, and it was pretty awesome!

Isn’t snow just so magical!? I love when the world is covered in white. It’s like the real world suddenly transforms into  a fairy tale when it snows. I love it, and it was such a good day, one that I know the kids will remember!

Snow days from years past… the white fluffy stuff , snow day

Snow Day Outfit Details:

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life lately




Reading… The Baby Name Wizard. Yes, still. I’ve read it top to bottom but I still flip through it a couple times a week hoping for something to pop out at me as “the one.”

Watching… Besides a lot of tball and soccer practices…The Barkley Marathons. I loved this documentary. It made me want to go out and accomplish something. It’s about this kind of secretive marathon held deep in the Tennessee mountains. It’s long and almost impossible to finish, but watching the runners go for it makes me want to go for it with projects in my own life that I keep thinking are “too hard.” (Can also be found on Netflix).

Buying… this adorable romper for the baby.

Making… a dress for myself. I spent an entire afternoon making it and I felt so accomplished at the end of the day, which is a feeling I’ve been lacking lately! Also, it fits and I can’t wait to wear it!

Eating… Chicken Noodle Soup. I love this simple video recipe. It’s simple and the kids gobbled it up and even asked for it again the next week!

Wanting… any flowing, comfortable dress like this one. I also can’t get enough of flutter sleeves and florals lately!

Acquiring… these stools for our bar height counter. They have been great! With a messy child like Milo, I’m always loving furniture that’s easy to clean off!

Anticipating… my 31st birthday at the end of this month! Holy moly! I’m kind of terrified to be that old, but I love the month of May, spring, and warm weather, so I’m excited nonetheless!

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life lately


loving… all of the pictures we took in front of the cute aqua colored ice cream shop at the beach, like the one of our family ^ above (also these pics).

wearing… this cherry red dress from old navy and already planning how to style it with a cute cardi and boots for fall!

reading… this book, given to me by a sweet friend who knows my love for happy, romantic teen fiction so well.

watching… this show on Netflix and loving the amazing costume design. Can amazing hats from the 1920’s please come back in style!?

painting… my nails, and really bothered by how long it’s taking for them to dry!

enjoying… the colors for fall this year and hoping to incorporate them into my shop soon!

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life lately

Making… As many pretty things as I can to prepare for the Raleigh Maker’s Market this coming Saturday!

Watching… Flea Market Flip on Netflix. Over. And. Over.

Listening… to the new She Percolates podcast about creativity and success and feeling so inspired by it.

DIY-ing… a fun lighting fixture for our dining room. I can’t wait to share it…if it turns out!

Wishing… my sewing machine wasn’t broken because I have an awesomely ugly mumu in the closet ready to be reinvented!!!

Writing… a new knitting pattern (sneak peek above ^ ) that will hopefully be ready by Friday!

What are you doing, reading, loving lately?

life lately {according to Milo}

My baby is two today! Usually on their birthdays, I get all nostalgic and look back at their baby photos remember all the adorable moments from their life so far. But today, I just can’t bring myself to do it. I seriously do not want this kid to grow up any more! So, there’s no need to look back at his baby pictures just yet because I’m pretending that he’s still my baby.

Instead, we’ll just go through some of the things he’s doing lately and loving lately.

Here’s life lately according to Milo…

playing… with anything helicopter or airplane related

riding… on his Scuttlebug (which he’s almost too big for!)

reading…Giraffes Can’t Dance , a favorite from our Christmas present book haul.

learning… to go potty…crazy kid pretty much taught himself and we’ve been diaper free for at least a week now (my thoughts on potty training).

speaking… in full sentences all. the. time. His favorite phrase at the moment is, “What’s that noise!?”

terrified… of the humidifier, which is #1 cause for his favorite phrase ^ it’s a frog. how scary is that?

loving… sharing a room with his brothers now and talking to them even after they are fast asleep.

giving… hugs and snuggles and sitting in my lap as often as possible. Thank you baby.

Happy birthday to my goofy, loving, playful, energetic Milo!

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life lately {according to Owen}

Reading… Otis and the Puppy Such a sweet, sweet book! (He’ll be getting A Is for Apple from Santa. It has indented letters so he can trace each one with his finger.)

Watching…a long time favorite for our kids,Pingu The funny penguin characters talk in this nonsensical, made up language which makes it fun for little toddlers who can’t always follow a story line.

Fighting…with both brothers over the trusty ole’ cozy coupe.

Wearing…some seriously cute and soft leggings from this shop.

Learning…his letters. Well…trying to anyways. So far he’s got O and T down pat.

Playing…in his dinosaur Halloween costume, still. everyday.

Singing…all the time but the ABC’s, I am a Child of God, and Mary Had a Little Lamb are usually on the rotation.

Preparing…to finally sleep in a “big boy bed” (yep, he’s 3 1/4 and still in a crib…by golly I keep them in there as long as I can!). The boys are getting bunk beds for Christmas so to practice, we’ve been making a huge floor bed with his and Ande’s mattresses. Owen has been doing great, and finding him all snuggled up next to his big brother just melts my heart!

Oh, to be three!

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life lately: according to Milo

Reading: an I-spy book with “funny teeth.”
Loving: monkeys. always, monkeys.
Saying: “Ta-da!” about 100 times per day repeating any other word he hears and likes.
Wearing: a random usb cord around his neck like a necklace, or cape?
Playing: with legos, because he has to be just like his brothers. and they have to play with him, or he gets cranky!
Giving: loves and kisses and endless entertainment

life lately

Reading… Longbourn by Jo Baker. I’ve read the first chapter about three times now because I either get distracted or fall asleep. Next on the list to read: The House at Tyneford by Natasha Solomons
Enjoying…Sleeping in. Ande is “tracked out” of school for three weeks so I get a reprieve from the 645 am trek to the bus stop!
Watching…Murdoch Mysteries. It’s a crime/detective show that is set in the late 1800’s. Not the best acting in the world but it’s clean and of course I love the Edwardian period!
Dreaming…a lot of crazy, scary dreams lately. What does that mean!?
Working…on listing all of the new fall crochet and knit accessories for my shop ( and hopefully getting the patterns for some of the items listed soon as well!
Loving…my new dress from Forever 21 and the time spent shopping with friends!
Learning…a lot about how kids learn to read and getting so excited watching Ande figure it out!
What are you watching, reading, doing lately?
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