Ice Cream, Sand Tunnels, & the 4th of July!


Last year we did something so fun on the 4th of July, that we decided to make it a tradition! We drive around with the windows down, and the sunroof open, blasting our favorite patriotic songs. Meanwhile, the boys hang out of the van, furiously waving their little American flags. Last summer, we just drove around the neighborhood waving to our friends and neighbors along the way. This year, we were still down on the Outer Banks, enjoying our family beach week! So as July 4th came around, after a full day on the beach and some yummy homemade ice cream, it was time to roll those windows down!

We turned into our little beach house neighborhood and as the boys poked their body’s out into the wind, we turned up the volume as loud as it could go! We were having a blast waving our flags and singing along! What we failed to notice, was the police officer following us down the street! (Oops!) He eventually pulled us over. Once he realized we were just a family having some fun, and not some wild, drunk, hooligans, he laughed and let us off with a warning!

Maybe we should just stick to our own little quiet neighborhood next year!? It was definitely a funny experience and a memory we’ll never forget!


Our day spent on the beach was full of swimming, boogie boarding, digging a giant sand tunnel, and casting our net for little fish and crabs!


And then, of course, we had to cool off visiting a cute little homemade ice cream shop! The ice cream melted faster than the kids could eat, but who doesn’t love messy little ice cream covered mouths? Lucy even got to eat the end of Curtis’ cone and was so excited she couldn’t stop dancing!


Wonderful memories were made and I can’t wait for our beach week to roll around again next summer! For now, we’ll just keep watching the PART 2 video of our awesome Beach Vacation, and you should too!


Beach Week Part 1 Photos

Part 1 Beach Vacation VIDEO!


Our Family Beach Vacation, Part 1 || Oak Island, NC


Let’s start the day with the wind in our hair and the sand between our toes.

Let’s listen to the waves crashing and smell the salty air in our nose.


Do you hear the children laughing and the shovels digging holes?

Did you catch a fish with your nets and your fishing poles?


I’ll never forget the warm water run over my face.

I’ll always remember the way you could’ve swam for days and days.


Little one, learning to walk and discovering all of the sea shells…

Little one, feeling brave swimming, even in the giant swells.


All of us are sun kissed and tired in the best way,

so let’s make sure we do this again, another beach day.


:: black ruffle swimsuit :: floral swimsuit :: kid’s sea green swimmers :: Lucy’s blue suit





Roadtrip to Texas!

1,468 miles, 41 hours of driving, 7 days, and 4 hotels.
Every minute spent was absolutely worth it.
This Thanksgiving, we traveled down to Texas for a family reunion. It was the longest road trip we have ever taken, and it definitely wasn’t easy with a 4 month old. But, whether it was driving extremely long distances, or taking time off work or school, we all made sacrifices to be there. That sacrifice made our time together that much more special. 
We first drove to Dallas to stay with Curtis’ parents before heading down to Hunt. Once we got to this tiny, secluded little town in the hill country of Texas, we stayed a few days enjoying a river side resort. We canoed, swam, hiked, and explored. The kids all roamed free around the hotel grounds and they reveled in the freedom! We explored this fun hiking area where all 6 families, and 23 grand kids, made a long, arduous, 5 mile hike up and down a mountain. It was so difficult, but I think very rewarding.
After our time by the Guadalupe river, we traveled to San Antonia to see the Alamo and some of the sites downtown. We ate at a hole in the wall taco joint (which was delicious), and explored a city market full of Mexican goods! 
It was truly a magical trip. The boys only get to see their cousins about once a year, but when together, they play as if no time has passed. My favorite part about this trip was watching the friendships and love grow between all of the children. I can’t help but feel blessed that we have such a large family, with so many wonderful examples of genuine, kind, righteous people for my children to look up to. I just can’t even imagine a better childhood for my boys (and Lucy too). 

Our Busch Gardens Adventure

My dad had a big birthday this week and all he really wanted for a gift was to spend time with our entire family, doing something fun! We decided to head up to Busch Gardens in Virginia! It was the first amusement park that we’ve ever taken the kids to, and they loved it! I have always loved roller coasters, so I was a little bummed that I couldn’t ride anything with my 27 week baby bump. But it turned out being almost as fun to watch my own little adrenaline junkies living it up on the kid rides!

What we wear:
The boy’s comfy t-shirts were from Target
My swing dress is on sale now! at Old Navy

our trip to colorado and new mexico

A few weeks ago we traveled to New Mexico, and then Colorado, to visit Curtis’ family. I had a lot of stress and worries about the trip before we left. Ande was missing his second week of first grade and I kept thinking that he would come back to school and feel like the “new kid.” Luckily, once we were on our way, all those worries were replaced with excitement. I was excited to watch Milo take his first flight on an airplane and we were all excited to see family that we dearly missed!

Our first flight went off without a hitch. The boys were behaved and happy. The flight crew for our second flight was running late and as we finally got in line to board, I realized the man standing behind me had the same boarding number as I did. I thought that was a little odd and then I noticed that they kept mentioning that our flight was heading to Providence, RI. I quickly realized that we had been waiting for the wrong flight! Curtis and I grabbed the confused kids and ran, movie style, through the airport. We were frantically searching for our gate! We finally found it and were running towards it as they closed the door to the gate! We were out of breath, Owen was crying because he didn’t want to throw up on the plane, and some ladies told me they had been paging us over the intercom for a while! It was all very dramatic but we were so relieved when they opened up the door and let us on the plane. After that, it truly was smooth sailing as all three boys fell fast asleep in our laps.

Once we got there, we got to spend an incredible afternoon in the Albuquerque LDS Temple followed by a beautiful and scenic drive up into the mountains of southern Colorado. The rest of the week was spent enjoying the gorgeous scenery and all of the amazing moments with family. The boys are so lucky to have so many cousins (21!) that are instant best friends, no matter how much time passes between each meeting.

When it was time to come home, it was definitely bittersweet. It’s always nice to come home to our comfortable house after a long trip, but we missed being with our huge, loving family! And as crazy as it sounds, I am still really missing having Milo share a bed with Curtis and I! He was so proud to get to sleep in a “big boy bed” the entire trip, and I just loved snuggling up to him every night.

And now that we are finally home, getting back into the regular swing of life, we are preparing for yet another trip! This time to the beach! Our summer has been so busy and full and we are just soaking up all of the adventure!