Crochet Love {Summer Cactus Crochet Blanket}

With our first baby girl on the way, I’ve been snatching up a ton of girl clothes! One of my favorite places to get outfits for the kids is Old Navy. They are SO spot on with their styles lately! 
A few months ago, I picked up some rompers that had a really cute cactus and succulent print on them (they seem to be out of that particular print, but here is a similar one!). The print then led me to come up with this fun blanket design! 
This crochet blanket is really SO easy to make because you really only need to know how to double crochet and read a simple chart to complete it! 
The blanket works up pretty quickly and isn’t the cactus design so perfect for summer!?
If you’d like to make one for yourself, follow along with the chart provided and the instructions below! 
**A printer friendly PDF version of the chart and pattern are also available in my shop, Love City Patterns!**
4 balls white bulky yarn                     
1 ball lavender bulky yarn                 
1 ball seafoam green bulky yarn        
Size L crochet hook                           
Small amount coral and green 3-DK weight yarn
Size G crochet hook
Large eye needle

Abbreviations to know:
ch- chain
sc- single crochet
dc- double crochet
sl st- slip stitch
st/sts- stitch/stitches
fdc- foundation double crochet

1 inch = 2 ½ double crochet
1 row = ¾ inch tall

Blanket Instructions:
1. With white yarn: Fdc 64. Turn.
2. Ch 2. Dc in each st across. Turn.
3-12. Repeat row 2.
13. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to Lavender yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn
14. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn
15. Ch 2. Dc in next 21 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 20 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 22 sts. Turn.
16-19. Ch 2. Dc in next 19 sts. Change to lavender yarn. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 20 sts. Turn.
20-21. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn.
22. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
23-25. Ch 2. Dc in next 22 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 18 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 23 sts. Turn.
26. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn.
27. Ch 2. Dc in next 25 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 12 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 26 sts. Turn.
28. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
29-30. Ch 2. Dc in next 23 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 16 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 24 sts. Turn.
31. Ch 2. Dc in next 24 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 14 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 25 sts. Turn.
32-33. Ch 2. Dc in next 29 sts. Change to seafoam green yarn. Dc in next 4 sts. Change to white yarn. Dc in last 30 sts. Turn.
34-45. Ch 2. Dc in each st across. Fasten off.

For Border:
With lavender yarn work evenly around edge of blanket. Work 2 normal single crochets. On the third stitch, work a double crochet down into the middle of the stitch to make a “point,” rather than working it into the top of the stitch like normal. Continue this around entire blanket, adding single crochets at the corners if needed to keep it from curling. Slip stitch into the top of the first single crochet and fasten off. Weave in loose ends.

Cactus Flower Pattern:
1. With coral dk weight yarn and size G crochet hook: Ch 40. Work 2 dc into 3rdch from hook. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. Work 3 more dc in same ch. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
2. In next ch, 3 dc. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. 3 dc. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
3. Repeat step 2 until 2 ch remain. Sc in last ch.
4. Fasten off, but leave a long tail. Attach large eye needle to tail. Roll flower into a coil and use needle to sew in place from the back.
5. With green yarn: Ch 10. Work 2 dc into 3rd ch from hook. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. Work 3 more dc in same ch. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Skip next ch.
6. In next ch, 3 dc. Ch 2. Sc into 1st ch from that ch 2. 3 dc. Skip next ch. Sc in next ch. Fasten off, leave a long tail. Attach large eye needle to the tail and sew onto back side of coral flower. Fasten off.
7. Make another flower in the same fashion.
8. Attach flowers to blanket with large eye needle.

If you are more of a visual person, use the chart below!
The dark purple lines represent the outside edges of your blanket. Every block represents 1 double crochet! When the block changes color, you change your yarn color! Easy as pie!

Again, a printer friendly version is available HERE

And don’t forget to share your work! 

Simply tag @LindsayHaynie and #LoveCityCrochet on Instagram!

I can’t wait to see what you create!

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Easy DIY Headboard

A couple months ago I posted our recently completed headboard project over on my Instagram account (@lindsayhaynie). I had a few people ask how we made it, so I thought I’d share with you the simple steps we took to creating it!
The whole idea for diy-ing our own headboard started with the fabric. I chose this really beautiful print from the Home section. They have so many great options to choose from, but I went with this really colorful and fun abstract print because it went well with our room. 
I bought the fabric with a headboard in mind, and once I had it in hand I was so excited to get started! Now, Curtis usually supports my frequent need to redecorate but he encourages me to do so without spending too much money (which is fine by me, because I love to make things!). And that is why our headboard is 100% home-made out of inexpensive materials like cardboard, hot glue, and batting. There are definitely more professional approaches to making a diy headboard, but we loved getting creative with ours and we love how it turned out!
Below is a simple tutorial for how to make your very own Easy DIY Headboard:

I will be outlining our approach to the headboard and will share an alternative (although more expensive) route in parenthesis.

At least 2 large cardboard boxes (or a large piece of plywood)
Several large bags of pillow stuffing (or foam cut to size)
Home decor fabric 1 1/2 to 2 yards
Hot Glue Gun (or a nail gun)
Duct Tape


1. Measure the width of your bed frame and decide how tall you want your headboard to be. Our headboard is 62 in X 28 in.

2. Take apart a large cardboard box and cut it to fit your height and width. To make the headboard more sturdy, we doubled up the cardboard and taped each piece together with duct tape (For an even sturdier option, cut a piece of plywood to fit your height and width measurements).

3. Iron your home decor fabric and lay it right side facing down on the floor. Lay the cardboard on top of the fabric. Cut your fabric so that it is approximately 3-5 inches bigger than the cardboard on each side.

(If using plywood, hot glue your foam piece to the plywood and then lay it foam size down onto the fabric).

4. The next step is to take your hot glue gun and glue the fabric along 3 sides of the cardboard. As you glue, you need to pull the fabric taught. The corners can be tricky, make sure that they are smooth and not bunched up on the right side.

(If using plywood, secure the fabric to 3 sides of the piece using your nail gun rather than hot glue).

5. Once the glue has dried completely, flip the piece over and begin stuffing it with the pillow stuffing. Make sure the stuffing fills up all corners and edges. You will likely use much more than you think you need to!

(This step can be skipped if using foam rather than pillow stuffing, unless you want to add even more comfort!).

6. Once your headboard is sufficiently stuffed, glue down the last side of fabric (or nail it down). You need to pull the fabric tight as you do this, but not so tight that the cardboard begins to bend. It’s a tricky balance!

7. If you find that your cardboard headboard doesn’t stay as straight as you’d like, attach a strip of wood to the back with glue or a nail gun (as long as it doesn’t poke into the stuffing) to keep it from bending.

8. We did not attach our headboard to the wall because it slipped perfectly behind our mattress and rests on the back part of our bed frame.

Those are the simple steps that we used to create our headboard. Like I said before, it is in no way a perfect, professional piece of furniture but it does it’s job, it was inexpensive, and it looks great!

Stop by to browse their home decor fabric selection and start building your own headboard! 
Then let me know how it turns out by posting a photo of your headboard to Instagram and tagging me @lindsayhaynie or with #lovecityblog!
This is a sponsored post for who gifted me the lovely fabric used in this tutorial.

diy love {wooden crate nightstand tutorial}

I searched for a new pair of nightstands for my bedroom for a long time! Everything was out of our price range, and there was never anything acceptable on Craigslist! Our bed is a platform bed, so it’s low to the ground, which made it even more difficult to find the right bed side table. 
One day, I was strolling through Joann’s (I must’ve been sans kids) and stumbled upon the wooden “doll bodies.” They were in these cute little peg shapes and a light bulb went off! I had the perfect, inexpensive idea for a nightstand!

I got the wooden crates from Walmart and the pegs and paint from Joann’s. My husband wanted to help me figure out a way to screw the pegs on so they would be extra sturdy, but I have no patience and hot glued them in place instead. Hot glue is a wonder product because those pegs are secure and strong and I’m not too concerned about breakage!

I painted the nightstand a fun sea foam/aqua color to match our cute new headboard that I also recently made! Once the paint dried, I used Butcher Block Conditioner to help keep the wood from drying or cracking and I also love how it deepens the color of the wood that I left natural on the inside of the crate. This stuff also helps protect against moisture from my cup of water that I place on the stand every night!

I absolutely LOVE how my diy nightstand turned out! I love the low price point and I love the cute, almost mid-century look, that the little pegs give the crate! 
I think it would also be fun to make these in a variety of sizes and stack them up on each other to create a cool, unusual book case! 
What would you do with yours? 

pirates and monkeys and dinosaurs! Oh, my!











Halloween is such a fun time of year, especially as the kids get older. I usually stress myself out trying to make their costumes but when the boys love them and wear them for months after, all that work is so worth it!

This year’s costume making adventure was particularly interesting since my sewing machine decided to freak out and die on me. I had to sew everything by hand, so I tried to make things as easy for myself as possible.

We decided long ago that Milo would dress up as a monkey. He loves monkeys. He’s obsessed with monkeys. It’s weird and cute. I decided that a sock monkey costume would be the easiest thing to do. He already had a cute knit outfit that sorta looked “sock monkey-ish” and then I just added a knit monkey hat to match!

Owen wanted to be a transformer but I convinced him otherwise since well, been there done that! His second choice was a dinosaur! I bought cute striped footie pj’s from Walmart and then hand sewed the tail and hood onto the pj’s with fleece. When it comes to Halloween costumes, fleece and felt are my best friend! No need to worry about fancy seems! I absolutely L.O.V.E. how Owen’s costume turned out! I especially love how his tail wags back and forth as he runs around. It’s hilarious and adorable.

Ande also wanted to be a transformer again, but I strongly encouraged a little variety! His “Jake and the Neverland Pirates” costume was pretty easy to piece together. Once again, I used fleece to make his vest and felt to make his boot covers. I love his very pirate-y facial expressions when I ask him to pose for the camera!

And now we are just anxiously awaiting 6 o’clock so the boys can run around the neighborhood and beg for candy from strangers! Halloween is such a strange little holiday, yet oh so fun.

diy love {penelope peplum}

I love to wear dresses. I definitely feel like I was born in the wrong era (until I remember epidurals…I’m glad I have those). The problem is that I have really high standards when it comes to finding a dress. Besides the style and pattern of the fabric, and ease of wear (hello! I have 3 small, dirty children), I need the dress to be modest! Why is it so hard to find something with a high neck line, sleeves, and knee length skirt?

Luckily, Kate from See Kate Sew, created a really fabulous add-on to her penelope peplum shirt pattern! This pattern was the cure for all of my dress woes. Seriously.

So here’s how my penelope peplum dress turned out…

I got the knit fabric from Joann’s; I just love a good floral, don’t you? I am not the best seamstress in the world, and haven’t worked with very many knits, but thanks to a great pattern, my dress turned out great! I definitely plan on making another one…and I think I might add a cute peter pan collar to the next one!
I usually take pictures when the littles are sleeping, and I should probably stick to that. They are OBSESSED with the camera for some reason! What is it with babies and electronics?
Luckily, they are pretty cute co-stars!

diy love {faux fur collar}

I was trying to organize and de-stash my fabric and craft stuff the other day and I came across this really soft faux fur that I bought a while ago. I don’t even remember why I bought it, but I’m so glad that I did!

I have been itching for a faux fur accessory to wear ever since I saw some wedding pictures of a friend. She wore this amazing vintage fur wrap over her dress and I fell in love!

When I came across this fabric in my stash, I immediately started cutting and sewing. It literally only took me 15 minutes to make!

This is what I did:
1. I took a peter pan collar that I already owned, folded it in half, and traced around it on a piece of newspaper (leaving about 1/2 inch around each edge for seam allowances).
2. After cutting out my pattern piece, I placed the straight edge on the fold and cut out my pattern in my fur fabric. I cut out two.
3. I placed the pieces right sides together, pinned, then sewed around the edge. I left a 1 inch opening so I could turn it right side out.
4. I hand sewed the little 1 inch opening shut.

It was so easy and fun to whip up. Ande was curious about what I was doing, so I let him help me and he really had fun. He really loves pinning the pieces together, using like 50 pins when only 10 are needed!

If I was really serious, I would have added some interfacing to stiffen it up a little bit. But, that’s just not me…I like immediate results =)

I have been having so much fun wearing this with all the cold and snow! My favorite way to wear it is as an accessory around my winter coat!

Now, I’m tempted to go buy some more faux fur and make a cute vest, or shawl, or something! What would you make with faux fur?

(faux fur, faux fur, faux fur…wow I wrote that out so many times in this post and now it really sounds funny!)

crochet love {dressed up loafers}

Loafers seem to be a popular flat shoe of choice these days. Last year I bought some of my own after seeing others wear them, and loving the look. But once I put them on, I felt so awkward! Why do they make my legs look so weird? I don’t know…but I was determined to find a way to wear them, so that my money wasn’t wasted. This is what I came up with…

 I crocheted two little bows to make my loafers a little more girly! I didn’t want to permanently attach the bows to my shoes (in case I realize how ridiculous this idea is later on), so I attached each bow to a black hair tie. It’s kind of perfect because the bow then slips right over the little “tongue” of the loafer and since they are black, you can’t even tell.

The bows are really easy to make. Here is the pattern that i came up with,
Ch 9 (this includes ch created by slip knot). 
Sc into 3rd ch from hook. Dc in next ch. Sc in next ch. Continue to alternate between dc and sc to end of row (last stitch should be a dc). Ch 2, turn.
Repeat same pattern for about 16-18 rows (depending how big you want your bows).
Fasten off leaving a long tail. Using long tail, sew two short ends of bow together. Bring this seam to the middle of the bow and cinch together. Wrap tail around cinch and hair tie several times. Fasten off.
If you’re not as weird as me, you might just want to make some cute little hair bows for yourself or your little girl. That would be fine, too. 🙂

costume love {crochet animal hats}

This time of year is where things start getting busy in my crochet shop.
People are gearing up for the colder weather
and they are also getting excited about Halloween!
I love making the boy’s costumes ever year.
You can see what we came up with last year, and the year before.
I usually keep their costumes somewhat simple, 
but I really just don’t like spending tons of money on store bought.
If you’re like me and want to make your kid’s costumes this year,
perhaps a fun animal hat will get you started?
I’ve got a couple great animal hat crochet patterns in my shop that could be the start of a fun little kid costume.
Last year I came up with a couple ideas to help you put the costume together (the diy elephant costume, and the diy blue bird costume).
These cute crochet animal hats are a great way to have a diy Halloween at a very low cost!
Have your kids decided what they want to dress up as yet?
My boys have told me what they want, and it looks like I have a lot of work to do…
More on that later!
Happy Friday!

diy love {floral spring wreath}

Last week, I was searching all over the Pinterest for a cute spring wreath idea.
Through my “research,” I found that I really love big full wreaths with flowers and berries.
I wanted a wreath that people could spot from the road as they drove by…
something to catch their eye…
something full of beauty and color.
I bought my flowers from the Dollar Store, used a wreath form that I already had, and got my hot glue gun ready.
It was so easy to make, that I didn’t take any pictures mid-process.
I simply took clusters of flowers and threaded the stems through the twigs on my wreath.
I bent them to fit the curve of the wreath, and hot glued them where need-be.
I really love how it turned out.
I get excited every time I pull into the driveway and see my bright blue wreath.
The flowers also remind me of the bouquet from my wedding, and that makes me even more happy!
What kind of wreath are you sporting this spring? 
I’d love to see!

diy love {mason jar window planter}

Curtis loves to go to Aldis. 
He also loves to find random stuff to buy while he’s there.
Some of the things he has brought home include pillows, a food scale, and a space heater.
Most recently, he came home with several little seed packets for various herbs.
He didn’t mention anything about them, but I noticed them sitting on the kitchen window sill.
We have talked about starting a little window herb garden for a while, and as Valentine’s Day approached, I decided to go ahead and start our garden for his gift.
Eventually, I would like to have a window box so we can grow larger vegetables, but I tried to imagine installing one by myself to surprise Curtis and in my head, it didn’t turn out so well.
I knew only my handy husband could attach a window box without messing something up!
I decided a small, indoor, planter would be the perfect thing!
Mason jars have so many uses.
I just love them.
I bought some at Walmart, and so far they are working great!
I planted chives and thyme for now.
We will probably add to our herb collection with some basil soon.
It has been a little over a week now, 
and we are starting to see little bright green buds peaking out from the soil. 
It is so exciting to see!
It’s also a fun way to get Ande and Owen involved in something.
They love watching how the seeds grow and reminding me to water them each morning.

If you want to make a Mason Jar [indoor] Window Planter of your own,
here is what I did:
1. Obtain mason jar (s).
2. Fill the bottom with sand/pebbles/stones/rocks about 1/4 of the way up.
3. Fill in the rest of the jar with potting soil.
4. Plant seeds just under the top of the soil.
5. Add popsicle sticks or clothespins so you remember where you planted each herb.
6. Add some fabric and yarn scraps for cute-ness.
7. Water and place on your window sill to catch the light.
8. Watch them grow!