Dear Milo,


A little over four years ago, I had 3 year old and 8 month old little boys. I started feeling sick and my gym pants seemed a little tighter than usual. It was around my birthday, in May, that I thought maybe I should take a pregnancy test. I was completely shocked when I saw those two lines show up, bright as day! Knowing my condition, and how hard we tried for Owen, you were the most unexpected, amazing surprise!

And now, looking back, I totally get why you came so quickly. You are one little boy who doesn’t like to be left behind. You started walking at 9 months old, and you potty trained yourself at 17 months old. You refused to wear a diaper and would only wear underwear! You used to always talk about being a “big boy,” and even now, you do your best to keep up with those big brothers of yours!

You are fast, and you love making sure we all know it! You are fearless! Last night, you jumped off the top bunk and scared me half to death! You don’t mind being dirty because you just don’t have time to be clean! You’re always on the move, and that’s what makes you so fun to be around! Milo, you are so funny. You love a good laugh!

And you know what my favorite thing is?

You are so loving and kind. You often hug me out of the blue, and tell me you love me. And you are so gentle and sweet with Lucy. I know you asked to marry her one day, but how about you just be the best big brother instead?


I love you and am so excited for you to be four! What a year this will be!


between him and me {Milo Says}

Milo is really at a fun age right now. He is a parrot and will repeat anything he hears which is totally cute, but you definitely have to be careful! He is such a loving, fun, chatty, goofball. He always runs, never walks, is still obsessed with monkeys, and just loves exploring the world around him. He is my little shadow and I love his guts.

Here are some of the funny things he’s been saying lately:

While riding in the car:
Milo: “Mom, there’s a sticker in the van!”
Me: “What’s that sticker doing in here?”
Milo: “STICKIN'”

While looking at a cut on his finger:
“My blood is bloodin’!”

Because people always ask his brothers what grade they’re in, or how school is going Milo now says this to inform people he, too, goes to “class”:
“I’m 2. I go to the gym”

between him and me

Sometimes (okay, a lot of times), two year olds say funny things…
“I can walk because I have legs. I am not a tree.”
“Mom, I need to go potty before your brain starts to hurt.”
“Sometimes you go poopy at the Y (ymca). I love going poopy at the Y. Mom, that’s a lot of poop…that’s a copperhead poop!”
Me: “We should eat at Hot Point Deli for lunch!”
Owen: “I don’t wanna eat a popcorn belly!”

Between Him and Me {wisdom from a two year old}

Sometimes two year olds say funny things…
When drawing picture (above):
Owen: “This is the (s)pot where you can die. This is the (s)pot where you can play. This is the (s)pot where you can get in to earth.”
Me: “Why would you die in that spot?”
Owen: “Because earth has a door!”
After getting his shoes on:
“I’m real now!”
During dinner:
“The asphalt was a bathtub but there was no basket on the pole. There was a ladder inside the asphalt and there was no water onto the tops.”