About Me

I believe that we are all creative beings. Once you find that one something that your heart clings to, and work to perfect it, I believe that you will find inspiration, love, and true joy.

On my blog, Love City, I share the things that I love most. These are things that inspire me, creative skills that I’m working on, and cherished memories.

My family, my sweet and silly boys, they bring the most joy and love to my life. My biggest desire is to be the best wife and mother that I can be. But of course they are always teaching, and I am constantly learning. Sometimes I reflect on the ins and outs of parenthood (on being responsible5 lessons learnedon having boys). Sometimes, I can’t stop laughing when my boys talk about pigeons and snot. And most of all I enjoy making memories with them, like our yearly beach week and trips to the strawberry patch.

Crochet (and most recently knitting) is my other passion in life. Can you believe that all it takes is a small hook and a bit of fiber to create a work of art? Every day I look at my stash of yarn and am amazed at the possibilities of what each skein could become! I love to use my crochet skills to create pieces that are both stylish and functional. Two of my recent favorite creations are the braided headband and the wrap sweater.

So how did I get here?

Artistry and creativity has always been a big part of me. I spent my entire childhood and college years focusing on, and pursuing a career, in dance. Right after college, in 2007, my husband swooped in and altered my path in life forever. We have since grown our little family to include three beautiful, silly, and energetic boys. My focus had shifted away from dance. I became a mom and I began to really experience love and happiness, but I still craved the creative outlet that was missing since giving up dancing.

In 2010, I began  learning to crochet, a skill that had always intrigued me, but I had never taken the time to try. I quickly fell in love and have spent the past few years obsessively creating, researching, and trying to learn as much as possible about it.

Finding this creative passion for crochet has given me so much joy and self confidence. I now, not only love my family, but I also have love for myself, and I think that is so, so important!

I hope that through my blog, my stories, and my patterns, that others will learn the same things that I have learned. I hope that you will also find joy in your creativity and love in all aspects of your life!

Please stop by and say hello! I’d love to meet ya!