I believe that we are all creative beings. Once you find that one something that your heart clings to, and work to perfect it,  you will find inspiration, love, and true joy.


Love City is a place where all the things that I love reside. I care about being a fully present mother to my 4 little ones, but I am also passionate about creativity and the pursuit of making things. I taught myself how to knit, crochet, and sew, but I also love a styled outfit, and perfectly paired words. Cultivating creativity while mothering can be a hard balance to achieve. Sometimes parenting is funny, sometimes it’s exciting, and sometimes it can be hard. When I am able to blend my passions with my parenting, I find I become the best version of myself.

I think that we are all creative beings, and when we work to perfect our relationships as well as our creativity, we will find inspiration, love, and true joy.

My plan is for this little piece of the internet to become a community for other women like me. I want this to be a place for you to discover and develop your creative passions, as well as a place to ponder the ups and downs of motherhood.

Let’s dwell in creativity and motherhood together, shall we?


Lindsay is a wife to Curtis and mother to Ande (7), Owen (5), Milo (4), and Lucy (6 mo). She majored in Dance Performance in college, and has always had a love for writing and creativity. She lives in North Carolina with her family and enjoys trips to the beach, dark chocolate, and a good regency novel.