A Morning At The Farmers Market







We never got around to making a summer bucket list, so we decided to work on making one for fall. One thing I really wanted to do, was the NC State Farmers Market. I know some people go every week, but I hadn’t gone since I was a child! Crazy! We didn’t really have any specific produce we needed to get, we were just excited to walk around and enjoy the sights! The boys were loving all of the pumpkins, begging us to buy some, but since Halloween is still a month away, we decided to wait! We admired all of the cacti and succulents, and ran our fingers through all of the herbs, enjoying all of the yummy smells! The best part, of course, was getting samples of the fruit at every stand! We ate delicious peaches, several kinds of apples, and we cracked up when Milo ate someones leftover corn rind (thinking it was a sample)! We rounding things out with giant pretzels, home made orangeade, and kettle corn!

While a little stressful trying to keep 4 little ones corralled in a sea of people, we really enjoyed the farmers market! We’ll definitely be going back, maybe with a few fall recipes in mind next time! I asked on Instagram this week for some fall recipe ideas and several people suggested butternut squash soup! So maybe we will give it a go!

What do you like to buy at the farmers market!?


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