just before Lucy



About 6 months ago, I was a couple weeks away from giving birth to Lucy. The boys and I got to participate in a photo shoot that a friend of mine from high school and her amazing photographer friend were putting together for a magazine article. Amy, an old school friend, is a talented wedding and event stylist, who designed the look and feel of this photo shoot. She styled our clothes, my hair and makeup, and locations of the shoot! We shot most of the photos in her gorgeous home! We modeled for birth and maternity photographer, Lauren Jolly. She is also incredibly talented and creative! She shot mostly with film, and I was amazed at the quality of photos!

The article that our photos were used for is on having “Grace in Motherhood.” And Lauren’s article was featured in a photography magazine called The Fount Collective. It was so fun to see our pictures in print, and to be part of such a creative process!

My favorite part was being able to capture that moment in time with my boys. These photos were taken only a couple weeks before Lucy’s birth, and are some of the last moments of my time as a “boy-only mom.” I will always cherish these photos. It was such a special day spent bonding with Ande, Owen, and Milo, and I’m so glad I got that chance to really spend time with them!


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