Memorial Day and our trip to the National Zoo!

A few weeks ago we took a quick trip up to DC to visit my sister and brother-in-law! While we were there we decided to stop by the National Zoo and see the baby panda! It was hotter than hot that day! The first hour that we were there, everyone was sweating, grumpy, crying, and the animals were hiding in the shade. And then there was the fact that Ande was extremely disappointed in the actual size of the “giant panda.” Because giants are supposed to be giant sized in the mind of a 7 year old! I was so close to calling it quits, but we stuck it out anyway! Lunch and a cool treat definitely brightened our spirits! After the zoo, we made the long metro ride back to our hotel and cooled off in the hotel pool!
We have loved taking these quick weekend trips with the family lately! The boy’s love riding the metro, experiencing a big city, and squishing together on hotel beds! 
Above is a fun little video we put together of our day at the zoo! 


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