crochet love {dahlia doily crochet rug}

(this post contains an affiliate link, which means I may receive a few cents for your clicks)
Last week, I shared a fun doily crochet pattern called the Dahlia Doily. It was cute, fun, and easy to make, but I wanted to find a way to make the doily into something a little more useful.
I bought this lovely rose colored Fettuccine fabric yarn a while ago (a similar yarn found here). I had plans to turn it into a rug once I found the perfect pattern for it, and this doily seemed just right! 
I started out making one dahlia doily with a huge plastic crochet hook, not sure the size (again, you can find the pattern for the doily HERE), but it just wasn’t quite big enough for a rug. So, I made three! I matched each doily up like a puzzle piece and sewed them together at the connection points. To keep the rug from slipping, I simply dabbed the bottom with dots of hot glue. Once dried, the dots give the rug a bit of traction and help them keep their shape a little better.
I love the elongated shape of the rug. Our kitchen is long and thing, so a circular rug would have felt a little off in the space. With the three doilies attached, the length is just perfect!
I also think this would look so cute in a girls bedroom along the side of the crib or bed, don’t you? 
How would you use it?


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