yarn love {sweet and girly crochet and knitted finds}

My eye has been drawn to a lot of bright girly colors lately (think: pinks, oranges, yellows, bright blues, etc).
I bought some yarn in really fun shades of coral and pink a couple weeks ago and have yet to find the perfect project for them.

I am still undecided, but here are some colorful and bright ideas that have helped inspire me…

Aside from it being my favorite color, I just love the design of this pillow by Little Doolally. Color work and intricate designs are not as common in crochet, so this sweet flower really caught my eye!
SS14 babyDEGEN diaper cover
I think these little knit bloomers speak for themselves. I mean, they are adorbs!
Knit by Baby Degen.
Springy Grid Raglan
I got sucked in to Baby Degen’s site once I found that diaper cover. Don’t you just love the orange and the design in this little Raglan Sweater?
Pink bubbles - crochet coin purse
I have never used a coin purse before and never really saw much purpose to them…but this adorable pink bubble crochet purse is definitely cute enough to change my mind!
What colors/designs are you loving lately? I am always on the hunt for cute boy designs, but my eye is naturally drawn to the girly stuff!

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