frinstagram {sunny days and full hearts}

…this week’s instagram photos, on Friday…

I have a tendency towards grumpiness. I am tightly wound, the littlest things stress me out, and I tend to focus on those things way too much. Like earlier this week, for instance. Somehow I went through my nightly face washing routine without taking out my contacts (which means I slept in them all night, ouch). When I woke up I put on my glasses and couldn’t see a dern thing (obv because I still had contacts in, unbeknownst to me)! My eyes are so sensitive that a migraine came on immediately. Migraines frustrate me so, so much and I let it ruin my day.

It wasn’t until we were putting the kids to bed that night that I started to have a change of heart. What a waste of energy it is to focus on the annoyances of daily life when there are so many good things too. The good things aren’t always huge things, but they are worth more. Know what I mean?

So when I focus on the good, I notice that…

my babies’ faces are like marshmallows…

my babies’ all have the best, most awesomely hilarious, quirky personalities…

the sun graced us with it’s presence. the boys got to play outside, and I got to have grown up conversations with my friends…

and I got to be witness to a huge childhood milestone…riding a two wheeler…

Life is good and my heart is full.

*If you’ve had a “my heart is full” moment this week (whether it be with your family, at your office, or in your creative space), post a picture on Instagram and hashtag it with #myfullheart so we can all share in some good, happy thoughts this weekend!**

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