yarn love {fall colors}

I am addicted to yarn and all of it’s colors. This time of year, the knit and crochet projects popping up on Pinterest are displaying an array of amazing colors that mirror that of the changing leaves outside. Here are some of my favorite fall colored knit and crochet projects lately…

Handmade Crochet Flower pin - Cozy Fall
This over sized crochet flower pin by Inspire Lovely is so fun! I especially love the pumpkin color!
I have been searching high and low for a cute crochet or knit vest pattern lately. When I found this Bee Vest by Pickles, I knew it was *the one*. I can’t wait to make it, although I’m not sure my knitting skills are up to the task yet. 
crochet 2
The mustard yellow color of this crochet cardigan is beautiful, but it was the intricate design details that really caught my eye! I love the pleats in the shoulders, the shawl neck, and most of all the gather in the back. It is just perfect in every way. You can find this pattern on Slugs on the Refrigerator blog, and it was written for Inside Crochet magazine, issue 46.
Chunky Crop Top Sweater / Hand Knitted / Untreated Wool / Otter Brown
This chunky knit sweater by The Slow Catwalk is so cute. I would love to wear it over a one of my dresses to make a summer wardrobe item wearable all year! 
After all that, I am just itching to make something myself…and maybe go crunch some colorful leaves outside too!

2 thoughts on “yarn love {fall colors}

  1. theslow catwalk says:

    Thank you dear Lindsay! This crop top has been imagined and knitted exactly to wear it over summer dresses and to use them again during cold winter months. Like the ones we have this year here in Italy:)
    So happy to be in such a good company!
    Have a beautiful day!


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