we made it

(I think this pic kinda makes them look like caged monkeys. I love every part of it from Owen’s face, to Ande’s underwear sticking out of his pants)
We survived our Curtis-less weekend, and it actually wasn’t that bad. However, my plan to spend every waking moment at the park to let out all of our energy was foiled by all the gloomy weather. We still found fun visiting every inside play area I could think of. We played in the play place at Chickfila, and with the train table in the toy store. And thank goodness for awesome friends who I can text any time I need some company and always find time to get together with us! We had an awesome time with friends roasting marshmallows, playing with a little puppy, and destroying their awesome playroom. 
I was dreading the weekend, but now I’m feeling pretty blessed that we were able to find some entertainment and spend time with friends to distract us from the absence of our favorite guy!
How was your weekend?
….I added some new crochet bow headbands to my shop today, did you see?

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