tried it and liked it {Pinterest Recipes}

I have been branching out a little bit from my usual chicken and rice for dinner lately.
I want our family to eat healthier and cleaner.
So far, we haven’t gotten too crazy throwing away all of our white flour or anything,
but we have cut out a lot of processed foods like chips, gold fish, and fruity snacks.
I have added a lot of vegetables to our diet.
I am loving the fun new veggie recipes.
The boys are a little more hesitant about all this,
but Ande is doing surprisingly well, trying a lot more than he normally would.
I thought I would share a couple of the Pinterest recipes that I found, cooked, and loved.
You can find some of my favorites in my “Clean Eats” board.
So far, my favorite has been the Parmesan roasted zucchini because they are such a quick and yummy side for my lunches.
Have you tried any new recipes lately? 
What is your favorite way to add veggies into your family’s diet?

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