Crochet Love {A mug cozy for Mom}

My mom loves hot chocolate.
Like…really loves it.
Her birthday was last week, so I made her a mug cozy.

I found a great crochet cozy pattern from Lisa’s blog, Bubblegirl.
It was a great pattern, and so easy to follow.
I did make a small adjustment by making my cozy a little wider.
This helped it to fit the mug that I bought a little better.

I love the stitch in this pattern,
the way the stitches in each row tilt this way and that.

I really liked the colors that I chose.
The blue mug is just the right shade of blue,
and the cream yarn  and dainty rose button compliment it just right.

This was a great birthday present for my mom,
but wouldn’t it also make a great Mother’s Day present for other hot chocolate lovers out there?


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