Birthdays and weekend plans…

Today is my Mom’s birthday.
She is my best friend.
We have girl’s night outs together.
We also shop together… a lot.
I’m so thankful for her and all that she does for me.
She never hesitates to help when I need something.
She watches my kids any time I need her to,
and she brings me soda when I’m sick.
She loves her children with all her heart.
She is a fantastic “Nana” to her brood of grandsons,
and they love her so much.
Happy Birthday, Mom!
This weekend is full of family celebrations!
My Mom’s birthday is today, and Ande’s birthday is Monday!
We are also blessing baby Milo on Sunday and having a family dinner at our house that night.
I can’t wait to spend the weekend celebrating and hanging out with my fam.
What are your weekend plans?

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