crochet love {Target Dress Refashion}

I found this cute little black dress on the clearance rack at Target.
It was a little shorter than I like and kind of plain,
so in typical “Lindsay” fashion, I decided to add some crochet to it!
I used some lovely mint yarn to create an edging around the bottom, 
which added just the right amount of  length to the dress.
I did this by sewing a blanket stitch on the inside of the bottom hem.
Then, I crocheted 1 round of double crochet, 2 rounds of V-stitch, and 1 round of shells.
I love the little scallops on the bottom.
I really like the mint color, but I think I would use a much daintier yarn next time.
The dress still felt a little plain, so I added an embroidered peter pan collar to the top.
In hindsight, I probably should have used a mint embroidery thread to match the bottom hem.
Overall, I love the lacy look on the bottom and the little bit of detail on the top.
I think this is a fun way to add a little length to a dress!

One thought on “crochet love {Target Dress Refashion}

  1. Carla says:

    a. you look amazing. I can't believe you just had a baby

    b. do you wear dresses to church? does milo nurse at church? recommendations for how to nurse and not always wear a skirt and shirt?

    c. the last couple of dresses i've tried on have been just an inch or two too short, so this is a great recommendation! I don't crochet, but maybe I should try a ribbon!


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