Hello, Monday!

Hello, Monday!

We had a great weekend.
Saturday morning we went to brunch with one of my best friends from growing up and her husband.
They are about to have their first baby girl and I am so excited for them!
We only live about 10 minutes away from each other, but we don’t get together nearly often enough!
It was so nice to sit and chat while eating some yummy pancakes and,
watching the boys build towers out of jelly packets.
We spent the rest of the weekend just relaxing at home,
watching general conference.
If you aren’t aware, general conference is a world-wide broadcast, every 6 months,
where the prophet of our church (along with other church leaders) speak.
It is always an uplifting experience, and gives me the “umph!” I need to get back on track spiritually.
You can learn more about the LDS church here.
Today, the boys and I ventured out to Home Depot where we got flowers for our front porch area,
and some other little tidbits to freshen up the yard for spring!
The flowers are such a beautiful shade of coral pink.
They make me so happy.
Fresh flowers give a fresh start to a new week!

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