spring wreath ideas

Today is such a perfect day.
The weather is absolutely gorgeous.
We went to the park, came home, and played outside even more.
The windows and front door are open, and the cool breeze is filling our house.
I even got excited when I heard the sounds of our neighbor mowing the lawn.
Beautiful spring weather…I hope  you are here to stay!
When the weather starts warming up like this, 
I get so excited about seeing all of the flowers and trees blooming.
The thought of spring and flowers gets me all excited to start decorating.
I am in desperate need of a new wreath and I can’t seem to decide on how to make it.
I started searching for ideas on Pinterest,
and I was immediately attracted to the wreaths with huge flowers.
Here are a few that I really liked…
Now, I just need to figure out what I want my wreath to look like,
and I need your help!
Do you like any of the wreaths that I found?
What does your spring wreath look like?

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