handmade love in gold sparkle

Over the past 2 years, I have really gotten to know and love the “handmade community.” I certainly am grateful for all of the support I’ve received from friends, customers, and fellow bloggers while trying to grow my little shop, Curtsay Designs. I decided that I wanted to do a better job of dishing out support to my handmade comrades, because I know how much support like that means to me and my shop. To start highlighting some great handmade shops, I thought I would start by picking a color palate and searching for items that fall within that category. This will allow me to find some truely unique products, as well as offer a little eye candy for you, my readers. Enjoy!

Gold accessories make quite the fashionable statement these days,
and what good is gold without a little sparkle?
:: Chunky Knit Cowl by Happiknits ::
:: Gold Sparkle Circle Necklace by Speakloud ::
:: Sequin Bow by Super Kawaii Bows ::
:: Gold Sparkle Iphone 4 Case by MellaFina ::
:: Gold Wool Ball Garland by Willowfolk ::
:: Woven Bracelet by Threee One Four ::
:: Gold Sparkly Bridal Flutes by Purdy Little Birdie ::
Have you been eyeing anything gold and sparkly lately?

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