This week’s Instagram photos on Friday…

I have been feeling really bad for Ande and Owen lately.
In the almost 4 weeks since Milo was born, we haven’t left the house very often.
I feel like they  must get so tired of playing with the same toys over and over every day.
I keep trying to think of places that we can go where they can run around,
but it has to be somewhere I can nurse Milo without weird looks and without losing track of Owen (he likes to wander).
Any suggestions?
But anyways, as I sat by the dining room window today 
watching the older boys play outside, it hit me.
They were having a blast!
I realized that the “everyday” outings that I thought we were missing out on, 
were not actually things that the boys enjoyed.
What 3 and 1 year old would choose a trip to Target or Joann’s over running outside in the sunshine,
riding bikes, parking cars, destroying the mulch, and drawing with sidewalk chalk?
Silly me.
Happy Friday!

One thought on “Frinstagram

  1. peggy Sweeney says:

    I can agree the everyday stuff can get boaring, I know cleaning and same ol chore get to me. So getting out is often a break for me too! I have two small ones left at home, four go to school, so the two little ones is a slower pace believe it or not. But we usually do the same ol same ol everyday and they are ok with it, I think. usually they say little ones need a pattern or routine. Well once the weather starts warming up, we like to go to the park and have lunch or just go for a walk. Love your blogs, so glad I found you!


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