diy love {no sew fleece scarf}

 This is a project that even a non-crafter can craft!

We have been sticking close to home lately.
I’m still scared to venture out too far with the 3 boys.
I have no problem hanging out in sweats all day, 
and the older boys have done a marvelous job keeping each other busy.
They love playing outside, even when it is 20 degrees out.
I decided I better buff up their winter gear so they won’t freeze out there while digging, and riding, and climbing, and all those other things that boys do outside.
I made this scarf with some really soft fleece I had left over from a blanket I made.
I cut the scarf to be 35 by 13 inches.
Then, I took my rotary cutter and cut a 2-3 inch slit in the middle of the scarf, about 7 inches up from the short edge.

Because the fleece doesn’t fray, that is all I had to do!
I slipped one end through the slit and it stays looped around the boys’ necks perfectly.

They love how soft it is, and Ande loves that he can put it on, easily, by himself.

For a girl scarf, it would also be fun to crochet around the edges.
Don’t ya think?
So get your fleece and some scissors and make one (or five) of these fun and easy scarves!


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