Scenes from Milo’s birthday

It has been almost 2 weeks since Milo came to our family.
My experience with his birth was so great.
When Owen was born, I stressed about so many things.
I let myself get carried away with worry and I kept looking forward to when things would get easier.
Because of that, I now feel like I missed out on his baby-hood a little bit.
I don’t know why, but things are different this time around.
I am trying to enjoy every moment with Milo (especially his newborn sweetness),
no matter how hard it actually is to have 3 kids.
Taking this time to enjoy the little things has made everything seem easier this time.
There are still rough moments each and every day, but they are over-shadowed when we focus on the amazing new person in our home and the good changes that he brings to all of us. 

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