embroidered baby onesies

I have been busy getting things ready for the new baby.
He will be here in just 2 short weeks!
Having all boys, you would think we would have all the clothes we need already.
For the most part, that’s true, but there is also the fact that Owen was a spitter.
Although washed and spot cleaned several times, most of our 0-3 baby clothes have the dreaded yellow stains all over them.
I have tried every thing and can’t get them out (any suggestions?).
So, I decided to work on some new onesies for the new guy.
I used plain white onesies (some from Old Navy, some just Gerber), and embroidered some really fun images on them.
I used interfacing on the inside of the onesie both before and after I embroidered the image to make sure the texture of the thread didn’t irritate the baby’s skin.
I love how they turned out and am already scheming up a few more ideas!
{Tricycle Onesie}
(Thanks to my friend, Jessica, for the tricycle sketch!)
{Confetti Bow Tie Onesie}

{Monogram Initial Onesie}

Any guesses on the name?

8 thoughts on “embroidered baby onesies

  1. Curtsay says:

    Thanks for the name ideas, guys! Nobody has it right so far, but these are great suggestions. I should have asked for help picking out a name long ago!

    Jana- I will probably post a few pictures from the wedding once the photographers finish editing! Look on facebook for any picture updates!


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