diy love {vintage sheet turned rag garland 3 ways}

Over the weekend, I participated in a local craft fair.
It was my first one, and quite the experience!
I needed some extra decor for my booth, but didn’t want to spend any money if possible.
Luckily, I had this gorgeous vintage sheet (bought months ago at Goodwill).
I used it to create 3 different rag garlands for my booth.
The first (pictured above) is a scalloped edge garland.
The top edge of the sheet had this beautiful lace lined across it.
I decided to cut out some scallops to poke out from underneath the lace and leave the top as-is.
To cut the scallops, I used a piece of circle card stock, folded in half.
I traced the scallop shape, and cut.

So sweet and feminine, don’t you think?

The second garland that I  made is just your average rag garland.
I cut a lot of 1-2 inch wide strips of fabric and tied them in knots on a long piece of yarn.
I think this type of garland looks best with a lot of fabric strips, pushed close together.

For the third garland, I used the same size strips of fabric, but tied the knots differently.
I left the strips spread apart on the string and made this one really long, to hand across the back of my booth.

Paired with white tablecloths, the 3 garlands really brought the look together!
Vintage/thrifted sheets are so fun to work with.
The best part is that the cost is minimal compared to the amount of yardage you get!
I also love the fun details of the lace and floral patterns you can get on these great sheets.
What would you make with a vintage or thrifted sheet?

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