diy love {Halloween Treat Bag Kid Craft}

Here’s an easy, last minute Halloween diy project for you and your kids!
I learned about the fun that are fabric stamps while reading this blog one day.
I thought they would be perfect for a fun Halloween project.
Ande has never really had a treat bag for trick-or-treating, so that’s what we made!
We bought canvas totes, Scribbles fabric ink pads, and Halloween stamps at Joann’s.
The great thing about this project, is that it is easy enough for kids!
Ande is always dying to help me “paint” something, and he was so excited when I actually let him stamp his bag all by himself (I went ahead and stamped Owen’s treat bag for him).
Ande was certainly pleased, and toted his little bag around our church trunk-or-treat like a pro.
I am now becoming a little obsessed with stamps, fabric ink pads, and all of the possibilities.
What shall I use them for next?
Happy Halloween!


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