Random Thoughts 4.0

Airplane Boy Grunge 8x10

4.1 I suddenly really, really miss Gilmore Girls. It has been a good 6 years since but, why did it have to end? Why did they end it with so many unfinished story lines?

4.2 My weird neighbor who wears pj’s all day, and mows the grass at least 3 times a week (at 5 minute intervals, wearing no shoes) has risen to an all new level of annoying. She must have bought a new sound system because she now pesters me with loud rap music blasting from her porch every day right around nap time. Now I am trying to figure out how to sneak up to her front door and leave an anonymous note to tell her to put an end to all the madness!

4.3 Another annoying thing… the lady who put squeaky shoes on her 3 year old at the park, on purpose!

4.4 I love how every time Owen hears an airplane, he looks straight up, even when we are inside.

4.5 People keep asking me how far along I am and I keep giving them this blank stare as I realize I have absolutely no clue. Is that bad?


3 thoughts on “Random Thoughts 4.0

  1. Carla says:

    4.1 Those were good times. It's really hard when a show you love ends… almost like losing a friend for me.

    4.2 Next time I'm in the area I'll drop the note for you… or even just knock and tell her what's up.

    4.5 no, kinda awesome, counting is just torture anyhow


  2. BJAT says:

    I knew we were meant to be good friends. I LOVE Gilmore Girls! I still really like Lauren Graham(I think that is here name). Anyway she is in parenthood. I started watching that just because I really like her. It is a pretty good one too. Ya counting is over rated. It will go by much faster without counting!


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