DIY High-Low Skirt

I’ve been eager to do some sewing lately.
When I saw this tutorial from Ruffles & Stuff, I knew it was exactly what I wanted to make.
I picked up some really lovely, soft silky fabric from Joann’s that has a cool zig-zag pattern with a lot of gem tones in it. I also used a 2 inch strip of black elastic for the waist band.
I didn’t want to make the “high-low” aspect of the skirt too distinctive because I knew with my growing belly that the front of the skirt will inch it’s way up anyways. 
I didn’t want it to end up being too short in the front!
So, basically, you can’t really tell that it goes from high to low right now, but I plan on making some alterations post-huge-basketball-belly.

After walking around the mall the other night, I noticed that gem tones seem to be the “in” color this fall.
I love that this fabric has so many different colors in it because it gives me a lot of options when pairing it with shirts and accessories.
This time, I paired it with:
 Bright blue silk blouse : Coldwater Creek 
(kind of an old lady store, but I loved this shirt)
Skinny red belt: taken off a dress I bought at H&M
Black heels: Mom’s closet
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