Snapshots { me and my boys }

I sure hope you like looking at our faces…because you are about to see a lot of them!

A couple weeks ago, we volunteered to be subjects for a budding photographer. We missed having Curtis in the pictures, since we took them during the day, but we already have another session planned for the near future sometime. She did a great, no- amazing, job. I love how each and every picture turned out and I had such a hard time narrowing them down for this here blog. Her capture of the boys’ personalities and each of our relationships is perfection. I am so glad that she was able to capture these moments with my boys so that I can remember them forever. Now, I have every toothless grin, nose wrinkle, chubby body, tackle, goofy run, and nose kiss to keep with me always.

Thanks, Leah!

Photo’s by Leah Watkins Photography


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