a vintage prom

I know I am like 10 years past prom age, but I secretly wish I could go again. I think it would be way more fun as the girl I am today than it was when I was a dorky, shy,16 year old (ok, technically I’m just a more mature dorky and shy person now, but whatevs). I keep seeing beautiful dresses in prom pictures from my cousins, in-laws, and old dance students and I can’t help but to browse around the internet looking for a dress that I would wear if I could go back in time. I definitely wouldn’t choose either of the dresses I wore way back when. Yikes.

I think I would choose something with a little vintage flair. It would be tea length, with a full skirt, and a definite waist line and probably a belt.

It would either have lots of lace…


lots of tulle…


maybe some tiered, ruffled layers or peplum…


or perhaps just a really cute pattern?…


So, what would your dream prom {or fancy occasion} dress look like?


4 thoughts on “a vintage prom

  1. Carla says:

    ha wouldn't it be fun to actually get a cute dress and get a bunch of couples together to do a mock prom date night. We could do dinner and swing dancing. It'd be like prom, except we'd probably be cuter, we'd like our dates better, and we'd have to be home by 10 to take care of our kids 😉


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