Snapshots { baby milestones }

This past week was pretty rough with this one…
How come everyone says the 2’s are so terrible? 
The 2’s were a breeze. It’s the almost 3’s that aren’t so fun.
And then there’s this goofy guy…

He hit quite a few milestones in just one week.
He started blowing bubbles again…I guess that means some more teeth are on the way?

And he really likes doing splits…

He stood by himself for like 5 whole seconds, 
he said “Mama” when he wanted me,
he started clapping…
(yes, it’s sideways…not sure what to do about that!)
and finally figured out the whole crawling thing! 
We thought he was going to bypass crawling and just go straight to walking because he was showing absolutely no interest in it.
I guess he just wanted to wait and take some mental notes while studying other crawling kids before he showed us his skills…
And now he is extremely proud of himself…
And we are proud of him too!


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