Friday Finds { a dress shop }

If you’re new to this here blog, every Friday I post Friday Finds. This is where I feature something that I found during the week that I thought was fun and interesting enough to share. It is usual a crafty tutorial of sorts. To me, blogging is all about being inspired by each others creativity, so that is what Friday Finds is all about!

Just yesterday, I found this really cute handmade dress shop on  
It’s called, Jennifer Lilly Designs.

As you may already know, I really love vintage style dresses, especially styles inspired by the 50’s and 60’s. The dresses in this shop are right up my alley. I love the colors, the floral patterns, the modesty, and that the prices are not outrageous like in so many handmade clothing shops! 

Let’s take a gander…

I love the sleeves on this one…
The colors on this one… 
and I love this lace petticoat. It’s much cuter than the one I tried to make myself! 
Good thing my birthday is coming up in a couple months (are you reading this Curtis? Mom?)


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