Snapshots {life lately}

{The boys after church, all smiles as usual. Good thing you can’t see my stressed out face behind the camera telling them to hurry up because of the post-church-home-for-nap time rush!}
{Like father like son.}
{I love the way Ande’s little bum looks in undies. Especially when he gets these fun wedgies.}
{Just flirting with some scantily clad girlies at the park…in his wife beater…no big deal.}
{“This club is for Boys Only! No girls allowed, Mom!”}
{My little stander. I think he’s going to skip crawling and go straight to walking. Just in the past couple of weeks, he has started pulling up and cruising around. It’s exhausting!}
{Cool tree we found at the park. I decided to try and visit as many new parks as we can find close to us this spring. We tend to get stuck in a rut going to the same place every week. Finding new parks and having adventures has been so fun!}
{This picture just makes me happy. Why? Because this almost 3 year old finally figured out how to crawl out of the crib, got a big boy bed, and stopped taking naps around Christmas. I FINALLY figured out how to get this kid to nap again and everyone is much much happier around here!}

One thought on “Snapshots {life lately}

  1. ajensen says:

    I am so glad that Ande is taking naps for you. It is so sad when that ends early. They are just so miserable the last 3-4 hours of the day. Very fun pictures all of them! I wish we were joining you at the parks!


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