What is it about cherry trees that makes me so happy?
Maybe it’s the pale pink blossoms, or the sweet smell? Or maybe it’s the promise of spring?
Even though it’s still technically “winter,” the cherry trees are all beginning to blossom and I can’t help but smile every time I see one. I get this urge to jump out of the car (well…stopping the car first, of course) and just go sit under one and bask in it’s shade. If our gardening budget wasn’t set at $0, I’d be out at Home Depot buying one right now! 
I guess I’m just excited about the idea of spring coming. It’s basically already here, but I love the warm weather, the flowers, the picnics, and days spent at the park. I mostly like the feeling of starting fresh. I know that’s what the new year is supposed to be about, but the cold dreary depths of winter don’t really make me feel all that excited about starting anew. The bright, warm, sunny spring days do, however. They make me feel happy and energized. That extra energy is definitely something I need! I need the energy to pay more attention to my kids, to really enjoy spending time with them, listening to them, playing with them, making sure their needs are met and then some. I’m just tired of being tired and I’m hoping the bright, happy things of spring, like the blossoming cherry trees will give me that extra umph that I need!
What gets you going when all you really want to do is sleep? What makes you happy?

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