Friday Finds { Cloud Garland }

If you’re new to this here blog, every Friday I post Friday Finds. This is where I feature something that I found during the week that I thought was fun and interesting enough to share. It is usual a crafty tutorial of sorts. To me, blogging is all about being inspired by each others creativity, so that is what Friday Finds is all about!

Just short and simple this week, folks.
I just loved this cloud garland. I want to put it in Owen’s airplane themed room (that I have yet to start). I especially love the way it looks set against the charcoal background. Now I kind of want to paint a wall in Owen’s room that color, but I hate painting…so maybe not.
Cloud Garland by GenTerro on Etsy


2 thoughts on “Friday Finds { Cloud Garland }

  1. My name is Becka says:

    Yes! This is way way cute!
    I googled your blog actually to let you know that when I clicked on your button over at craftiness is not optional it didn't go to your shop or blog or anything, it just went to picasa. I just wanted to let you know.

    Cute blog!


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