Think Happy Thoughts { Fairy Star Wand }

Welcome to the 5th installment in my 6 week crochet series, Think Happy Thoughts!
For the next 6 weeks, I will be featuring a free crochet pattern, pattern reviews, and even a giveaway or two.
The theme of this series is centered around fairy tales, and all things magical and mystical.

So, follow me, and take a leap into the land of Happily Ever After…
(Click the link above for free pdf pattern)


Anna…Flabba…! as Ande called it.

I’ve always been envious of the fairy godmother from Cinderella. 
Wouldn’t it be great to have a little wand that magically got you what you wanted?
All you have to do is say some funny words and wave that wand in the air with a little flick of your wrist!

I wonder if the fairy godmother is anything like the genie in a bottle?
Always helping others, and never a wish for themselves.
That would be terrible…or…maybe totally fulfilling?
Either way, I think the idea of a magical wand is exciting to all little girls who love to make believe!

(Recognize my sweet model from the Little Red Cape pattern? Thanks again for the help, MK Photography!)

Now, go ahead, crochet away, and let me know if any magic comes of it!
Be sure to show off your handiwork HERE in the Think Happy Thoughts flikr group.
If you have any questions about the pattern, email me @ LindsayHaynie [at] gmail [dot] com
*** The Winner of yesterdays 2 pattern giveaway is Alicia! I will email you the patterns, please check to make sure you receive them! Thank you to all who entered! I really appreciate your participation!***


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