Sunday Snapshots {the weekend}

We spent the weekend convincing Ande that he was magic.
We rented a van for the drive up to the mountains.
We told Ande that if he said “Open Sesame!” the door would magically open.
He even did a little finger swish and leg kick every time he said it.
And what do you know? The door magically opened by itself.
Notice how my Sunday Snapshots always ends up being posted on Mondays? 
Well, there are gonna be a few changes around on this here blog.
Because I want to make sure my weekends are spent giving as much attention to my family as possible, 
Sunday Snapshots is now going to be just simply, Snapshots.
Every Monday, I’ll post a few shots of my fam and a bit of what we were up to the week before.
And that is just the beginning as far as changes go!
I’ve got a little something up my sleeve for the next year for all my crochet fans out there.
I’ll be explaining that later this week.

Happy Monday kids!

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