pumpkin carving

The excitement for Fall is all around us.
Although the weather hasn’t cooled off too much yet, there are wreaths on the doors, leaves on the ground, and pumpkin patches popping up all around.
This handsome fella,
 (who finally figured out how to pedal his bike – yay!),
decided it was time to carve our pumpkins.
Even though this is his 3rd Halloween, this was the first time we have carved pumpkins with him.
Every year we buy pumpkins and they end up sitting, un-carved, on the porch until Christmas.

He was so excited and amazed to see what was actually inside of a pumpkin.

Meanwhile, baby Obo was excited and amazed to finally find his fist. 
Mmmm, tasty.

It is so fun to watch children when they are learning something new.

They just seem to soak up every little bit of information.

I love the smell of pumpkins.
I love the crunch of fallen leaves.

I can remember jumping in huge piles of leaves at my friend’s house when we were younger.
We played all kinds of games in the piles.
We would have her little brother hide a frisby in the leaves and then we would race to see who could find it first.
That was fun.

Too bad our yard only has piles of pine straw.
That’s no fun to jump in.

I can’t wait for the weather to get a little more crisp so the boys can wear cute little hats and gloves and so I can cozy up in some fun scarves and sweaters!


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