Sunday Snapshots – pottys, pumpkins, and runny noses

We put big boy underwear on Ande this weekend.
We started off with a bang. Two successful trips to the potty before lunch time.
Well, my big plans always seem to backfire on me.
The rest of the weekend wasn’t so successful.
I suppose we will keep trying.
We can’t back out now.
Or can we?

We had some fun at a pumpkin patch on Saturday.

This place was a dream come true for Ande.

He started out by following this little girl around for like 5 minutes straight.
I still haven’t figured out whether she knew he was following her or not.
Poor girl.

There were pumpkins as far as the eye can see.

Ande was running around like a crazy person.

And then, there was the John Deere…

Be still my soul. 
Well, Ande’s soul, that is.

The pumpkin patch was a real high light this weekend.
The sick, runny nosed kids was the real low light.

Runny noses and ear infections mean not a lot of sleep.
Not a lot of sleep makes for grumpy kids and a grumpy mama.
My goal this week is to kick these colds to the curb.
What’s yours?


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