blanket turned scarf

Remember that time I said I was going to crochet a striped baby blanket for Owen?
Remember when I said I didn’t think I would ever finish?
Well, I finally agree with myself. I would never finish. 
That blanket was taking forever.
After almost 3 months of working on it, I had only completed 4 stripes.
I gave up on the blanket idea, but I couldn’t give up on the project all together.
So, I tweaked it a little bit and turned this;
into this: 
I added a cute little scalloped border,

and a fun little mum flower clip.

I almost want to keep this for myself.

But I already made myself a scarf for the winter that I like even better (I’ll show you soon).

This scarf is so warm, comfy, and versatile!
You can wear it like a regular scarf, or use the flower clip to help pin it up around the neck like a cowl.

I love the way the colors compliment each other, don’t you?
If you want it, go check it out in my shop, Curtsay Designs.
I probably won’t be making another one like this (unless somebody really wants me to), so hurry! Don’t miss out!

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