Reunion Snapshots

I meant it when I said I had a ton of pictures left to show you from our family reunion.
I’m not going to say much about each collage. I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.
Throwing Rocks…

Enjoying the cool, crisp water…


The search for the perfect star fish…

All I need is a truck and some dirt…

Such a beautiful view…

This picture is for you, Granny…
The Joseph Smith Memorial… 

{Boston, Mass.}
4th of July… 

Free ice cream, yumm…

A place to cool off…
{New Hampshire}
 New Found Lake
Catching frogs…  

Catching balls…

Catching rays…

Let’s play a little game called, “Where’s Ande?” 

We sure had a blast and are already looking forward to next year’s reunion.
I think my favorite part was spending July 4th in Boston.
I can’t think of a more patriotic place to spend that holiday.
We learned so much about our country’s history.
You could just feel the patriotism in the air, especially when we sang a rousing rendition of the national anthem in the top of the Bunker Hill monument tower.
People probably thought we were one crazy family, but they joined in the song anyways!
What did you do to celebrate?

4 thoughts on “Reunion Snapshots

  1. Debbie says:

    I love your pictures. I'm almost positive that I took a picture of my own parents in front of that same lighthouse in Maine. I'm going to study the pictures to see.

    I think Boston would be a great place to spend the 4th. Our favorite 4th was in Philadelphia. It was AWESOME.


  2. The Boston Lady says:

    Such pretty pictures of those beautiful states. I am amazed that people got into the water in Maine, we were there several years ago in June and that water was freezing! What a gorgeous state that is though. Boston on the 4th must have been wonderful! Thanks for sharing your fun. Ann


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