More lace! This time with mod podge!

Oh my word.
I had NO IDEA that you could decoupage with lace!
I guess I just never thought of it before!?
I saw a post about it on the blog, Ucreate, about decoupaging with lace.
And she was actually linking back to another website called Urban Comfort, where I got these fun little photos.

Aren’t these little mugs just adorable? I am DEFINITELY going to try this VERY SOON!
Now, I am doing a little giveaway today on the blog, I’m Topsy Turvy.
Ashlee is my Second Cousin In-Law…or something like that? She’s awesome.
She’s having another baby and is hosting a GENDER REVEAL PARTY today on her blog!
She wants everyone to come on over and guess whether she’ll be having a boy or girl. Her big ultra sound is today. She’s also going to pick some winners for 3 different giveaways that she’s hosting. Like I said, one of these giveaways is by ME! Enter to win a free Peanuts the Elephant hat pattern and a free Crochet chain necklace. Go check it out!

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