Vintage Lace

I am not quite sure why, but I have been in the mood for lace lately.

Doilies and lace just make me think vintage and feminine.
Let me show you a few lovely lacey things that I found (mostly by stalking…
I think it can be so beautiful, even when it is simply a “lacey” design on jewelry. Like this bracelet for example,

It adds such a feminine touch to clothing, reminding me of wedding gowns from the early 1900’s.

And of course, how could I pass up finding a picture of a lacey purse? I am already purse-addicted enough, but this lace trim is the perfect little touch!

Let’s finish off with my favorite idea…
I am in LOVE with these fabric storage bins, and especially the lace doily decorations!
When it comes to trimming up a project with lace, there are so many possibilities!
If you have something in need of a little vintage, feminine flair, then lace is the way to go!
I have a couple old doilies laying around that I am just dying to use in a project somewhere, somehow…but I keep waiting for the perfect idea to come to me.
I’ll let you know when it does.

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