The Crochet Diaper Clutch

I am going to apologize ahead of time here. This posting is going to contain a lot of boasting!
I am ridiculously too proud of myself right now.

 I have been trying to come up with some ideas for my shop for the spring/summer. 
Not as many people want to buy warm and cozy crochet hats for their little ones when it is 80 degrees outside.
I am definitely going to be putting some sun hats back in the shop from last year, but I wanted to try something new too.
I am IN LOVE with purses. I don’t know why, it is just a strange passion of mine.
That is why I decided to come up with some crochet purse/clutch designs.
So this is how my first attempt has turned out:
Obviously, if you can see my blog right now, I am love yellow. It always has and always will be my favorite color. I was so pleased when Ande told me his favorite color was “Ledow” too.
I decided to make my first crochet purse more of a “diaper clutch.”
It is about 9″ long and 7″ tall.

I saw and bought the fabric that I used for the lining at the craft store a while ago.
I just love it. I hardly ever just buy fabric on a whim (trying not to spend all of our money!), but I couldn’t bring myself to leave the store without it.
I whip stitched the fabric to the crochet exterior.

The clutch is held closed with a loop and button.
Unfortunately, both are a little off center, but I there was no way I was going to undo stitches by the time I realized this.

I tested this thing out and this bad boy can hold 3 size 5 diapers, along with a little wipes case.

So there you have it,
what a beauty.
I can’t stop looking at it,
but I have to…
Poor little Ande has been waiting so patiently in his crib after his nap for like 15 minutes now for me to sit here and type this boastful post.
Now, off to enjoy the yellow sunshine for a stroll at the park!

4 thoughts on “The Crochet Diaper Clutch

  1. ajensen says:

    WOW! Lindsay it looks so great. Mom and I were just talking last night (she just got here) about how creative and talented you are. She says she loves reading your posts because you are a great writer too! Love seeing the things you make!!! Are you selling the diaper clutches?


  2. Courtney says:

    Seriously, that is beautiful! I want one! You'll have to let me know how much they are. I haven't had to carry diapers in my purse in a long time…but I will soon! That is the cutest clutch! Way to go!


  3. laxsupermom says:

    Wow! That's fantastic! Love the liner fabric! It's just perfect for that clutch. You must be the chicest mom out on the playground – I never had anything so nice to pull out of my giant bag. Thanks for sharing.


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