a baby shower for the Wolfpack fan

My mom’s co-worker is having a baby shower this week.
When my mom asked what colors she preferred, the lady said “Anything except for light blue, my little boy will NOT be seen wearing Carolina Blue!”
If you live in Raleigh and you are not a Carolina fan, then you must be routing for N.C. State, the wolf pack.
Well, this lady is not just any fan, she is a die hard fan and that is why my mom had me put together a little wolf pack baby shower gift.
Behold, the red, white, and grey granny square baby blanket and the crochet wolf hat:

I am pleased to have at least one of my many projects completed.
I am also pleased with how it turned out.

The blanket is made with a simple granny square crochet pattern. I changed colors ever 4 rounds.
There is a slight ruffle on the outside row, but nothing too girly.

The hat is just a simple crochet beanie with some pointy wolf ears attached.

I actually have some grey yarn leftover.
I probably have enough to make 2-3 more wolf hats, depending on the sizes. 
So, if there are any N.C. State wolf pack fans out there who want one of these Wolf Beanies for a small discounted price, let me know!
Even if you aren’t a fan, and just like wolves…
I will only be offering this for a limited time so act fast!

7 thoughts on “a baby shower for the Wolfpack fan

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hello! We are getting ready to have an NC State baby shower here for a friend! We are presently living in South Africa so it will be a little taste of home for her! Love the blanket!


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