Changing Teddy…

So tender, he is…

Ande changes Teddy’s diaper as a daily routine now.
First, he gathers all the materials he needs.
He starts by rubbing Teddy down with some lotion.
Next comes a good bum wiping.
And of course, the diaper to finish it off. 
Well, actually, he has yet to get the diaper on by himself so, the big finish is usually a big kiss on the lips for Teddy instead.
Did I mention Ande’s favorite toy in the playroom at the Y is the baby doll and grocery cart? 

One thought on “Changing Teddy…

  1. AJordan says:

    So cute. I've wanted to get a shopping cart or stroller since Jack was a baby. It's always the first thing they would grab at someone elses house. But Jeff has always been against it. I finally bought a shopping cart the other day for Bowen and it's going to magically appear amongst the toys one day…I can't wait!


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