White Christmas take 2

It’s hard to believe Christmas has already come and gone. I feel like it went by so fast I didn’t have time to enjoy it to the fullest. It’s interesting now that Curtis and I are parents. The Christmas before Ande was born, we were so excited that we got up at 4am to open presents. This year, I think we both were more excited about seeing Ande open his presents than opening our own. I used to worry that after I was married and I didn’t get “Santa” presents anymore that Christmas would loose it’s magic. I’m glad to now know that making the “magic” happen for Ande is just as rewarding!

Ande was showered with all kinds of cars, trucks, and trains. He is now a professional at making car sounds (as seen above).

He loves his “cycer-mo” but is still scared to push the button that makes it go. (i remember some of Ande’s cousins used to say “cycer-mo” too, weird!)

He got into my peanut m&m’s while Curtis and I were setting something up. He’s been OD ing on sweets ever since!

And to our surprise and delight, we got a white Christmas (well the day after). Now THAT is Christmas magic at it’s best!

We got close to 8 inches. Church was cancelled and we got a chance to take a nice long walk.

Ande loved the snow, until his little legs started turning blue.


And what is a snow day without an impromptu snow fight?

2010 was a good year for us. We look forward to this next year and all that it brings!


2 thoughts on “White Christmas take 2

  1. Courtney says:

    That looked so fun! I love that Christmas is still magical. It is fun to be the magic and be able to create it for your kids. I don't why, but there is nothing like Christmas morning. It is so fun and exciting. I am glad you guys got some snow too! We are wanting ours to go away now! We miss you guys!


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